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Name: Hektols.

True name: Classified.

Age: Older than I look.

Sex: Male.

Planet: Earth.

Continent: Europe.

Country: Spain.

Favorite anime/manga: Naruto, DragonBall, Full Metal Alchemist, Ranma, Gankutsuou: Count of Monte Cristo, Inuyasha, Gundam Series, Evangelion, One Piece...

Things I like in stories

-Stories that are well written.

-NaruHina stories.

-Stories that don't retell canon.

Things I don't like in stories:

-Stories where the Hokage is an incompetent fool unable to protect Naruto from ungrateful villagers.

-When Naruto's life is threatened by villagers and the Hokage keeps hiding his true heritage: we know that Naruto's true identity as the Yondaime's son is hidden for keep him safe from the Yondaime's enemies, if his life is going to be threatened at least it should be done by outside enemies.

-Fics where Naruto after years of protecting the village he is still hated by most of them while Gaara is loved by his own village despite all the kills he did in his younger days, this is not coherent.

-NaruSaku stories: Naruto is not Sakura's rebound boy. He shouldn't end with a girl who attacks him for anything.

-OCs who take important roles in the stories, specially Mary Sue's and Gary Stu's, as soon as I smell one of them I use to abandon the fic, there are exception's like the fic 'War of the Eyes' and its prequel. If you want to see good OCs I recomend you to take a look at Leaf Ranger's stories.

Here's an example OC I created, full of exaggerated traits.

The Black Flash

Name: Kabuto Namikaze

Age: 39, but appears to be in his twenties.

Birthday: June 2nd

Past: Minato Namikaze's older brother, he refers to Minato as "Foolish Little Brother", Itachi stole him the phrase. He tried to stop Minato when he was drawing the seal in Naruto because he knew that Naruto wouldn't be acepted. Minato had no choice but trick him and seal him in the Forbiden Scroll when he was off guard. He got free when Naruto stole said scroll. After discovering that Konoha dishonored his "Foolish Little Brother's" wish he vowed to turn Naruto into the most fearsome Hokage with lessons like these: "Do others what they do to you", "Step on my head and I will crush yours", "If your fellow slaps you, then show him the other cheek... If he tries to slap you again, then break his hands and his face."

Personality: Likeable with beautiful ladies. Extremely violent and vengeful to all those who don't see Naruto as a hero, he will beat the crap out of them and then say that they broke the Sandaime's Law to avoid punishment. He could also use the Sandaime's Law for blackmail shop keepers for a 70 discount or he will tell the authorities that they broke the Law, he would say things like this: " At who will believe the Hokage, the uncle of the boy who keeps everybody safe or an ungtrateful bastard who disprespects the Yondaime's last wish?" He is also very arrogant and considers himself more skilled than most people (that is true most times)

Rank: None, he thinks that rank only helps the enemy to determine how powerful you are. In his hierarchy the Hokage is on top as long as he lets him there, then comes him and then the rest of people.

Weapons: Three pronged kunais that he combines with wind chakra to get two powerful swords.

Kekkai Genkai: The same seen in New Chance. He heals any wound in a few hour, he doesn't get scars and can grow back missing parts of the body in days.

Jinchuuriki: none.

Animal partners: none, he usually eats them.

Crushes: Any beautiful woman unless she is married or has a boyfriend (If the man is a jerk he will consider the lady available.

Nickname: The Black Flash.

Likes: Women, Jiraiya's novels, women, alcohol, gambling, women, killing people, women...

Dislikes: Anybody who dislikes Naruto, Yakushi Kabuto because he is a traitor and has the same as him, traitors, Itachi for copying his phrase, councilors...

Looks: He looks like a bearded and wilder version of the Yondaime, he dresses completely in black.

Ninjutsu: Extremely high, he has a black colored Rasengan, a black version of the Hiraishin among other techniques of the Yondaime. He also has a variation of the Edo Tensei that lets him be possesed by a death person to have access to his techniques, memories and abilities, including Kekkai Genkai. He uses it to massacre the council summoning his "Foolish Little Brother". He also can use that technique to let Naruto be with his parents for short amounts of time. He'll use that technique to let those who were nice with Naruto see their deceased loved ones, those who were bad only will see his middle finger.

Taijutsu: Very high, he will use all dirty tricks he manages, if it is not forbidden, then he can do it. He won't hesitate to give a kick in the balls. "There are lots of people who died because a blow in the head, but I don't know of anybody who died because a kick in the balls" would say.

Genjutsu: He knows how to identify and dispel them, more Genjutsu is only for those who are not strong enough.

Sealing: It was the specialty of his "Foolish Little Brother", not his.


I have some comments about the latest Naruto Shipuuden Episodes:


-Great atmosphere.

-Fillers are much better than in the last season and we see the secondary characters receiving more screen time.

-The omakes, a good way to keep the sense of humor that characterized the series (we even see Naruto complaining about his
future lack of appearance)


-Shikamaru doesn't smoke after Asuma's death, dropping part of the dramatic burden. Come on, they can portray a teenager
killing people but not smoking?

-We don't see Konohamaru doing the gay version of the Sexy no Jutsu and exposing Sakura is as a pervert. Instead of
that we see Moegi beating Konohamaru and Sakura cheering her. We want to see Sakura ridiculed too!


Really I was more than a year without updating my profile?

Nevermind. I made a challenge to all those who want to write an original Naruto story.

The Stolen Hero Challenge:

In this story the marriage of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki is public knowledge and the majority of the population knew that they were going to have a baby.

The day after the Kyuubi Attack it is revealed that Naruto is the jinchuuriki of the Fox but because it is known who are his parents, he is claimed as a hero by a good portion of the population, another portion hating him while the rest are indiferent.

The story has more potential if one or both Naruto's parents live, but it is your decision.

If you decide to have Minato and Kushina dead, the majority of the clans want to adopt the boy with the exception of the Uchihas who want to execute Naruto.

Before baby Naruto is moved to his new home, a group of Iwa nins abduct Naruto and fake his death.

Those who were previously indiferent to Naruto are horrified and join those who claim him as a hero.

From that moment, those who proclaimed their hate for the child become pariahs.

The Uchiha's are suspect to be ones responsible for the boy's death but they are never formally accused because the lack of proof. The rumours about the Uchiha Clan being responsible of the Kyuubi attack increase.

Meanwhile Naruto is brought to Iwa. The authorities, specially the Tsuchikage, are delighted for having their worst enemy's son to turn him into their ultimate ninja. They decide to raise Naruto hating Konoha and the Yondaime in particular while keeping his true identiy in secret in order to guarantee his loyalty.

Unfortunately, one of Minato's enemies tells Naruto's parentage to the general population of Iwa. The Tsuchikage promulgates a law forbidding to tell the truth about Naruto's parents under death penalty.

Naruto grews up in Iwa hated by the majority of the population without knowing the cause, with only the Tsuchikage and some others being nice to him. (Yes, almost the same treatment he got in Konoha)

Naruto vows to become Tsuchikage.

What do you think about this plot?

Here are the rules:

1) Naruto knows since the begining that he is the Kyuubi's jinchuuriki and is trained to use it's power.

2) Naruto won't be paired with an OC. This is indisputable. Hinata is the main recomendation for the pairing, but it is your final decission.

3) Naruto won't be paired with a female more than 5 years older than him, be realistic.

4) No yaoi. Respect the characters sexuality.

5) It's up to you to decide the relation between Naruto and the other two jinchuurikis of Iwa (the Four Tails and the Five Tails). Use the ones featured in the manga, don't substitute them with OCs.

6) At some point of the story Naruto finds out the truth about his parents, you decide when it happens, in fact it can happen in the first chapter.

7) At this point the story can take two different paths depending how Naruto was treated in Iwa:

A) If Naruto was treated in a similar way than in canon (hated and ignored by the village but unharmed and getting a chance to prove himself) probably he would be horrified to be the Yondaime Hokage's son and he would do his best to prove Iwa his loyalty and become Tsuchikage. But he also could try to defect to Konoha especially if you decide to keep his mother alive, it's up to you to decide.

B) If Naruto was treated like those fics where he is frecuently attacked by villagers, starved expelled from most stores, overcharged in the rest for the worst quality things, having his apartment trashed, his studies sabotaged and all those things that didn't happen in canon; then the revelation that he was kidnapped from his home village and being taught to hate his true father will be the final straw and he will vow to rejoin his true village and take revenge on Iwa.

(Personally I prefer the last option, the other is almost the premise of canon in a different place)

8) Be consequential with the last rule. If Naruto has background B, he has to be a full retard if he wants to keep being Iwa ninja.

9) In Konoha the greater hostility towards the Uchiha Clan could drastically change Itachi's final decission towards them.

10) Konoha eventually finds out that Naruto is alive. Their reaction will depend if he chooses to defect to Konoha or keep as an Iwa nin.

11) These rules are not written in stone. At the end you are the ones who decide what to do in your stories.

If you decide to take the challenge remember to PM me to recommend it.


- Naruto was never attacked or beaten by angry villagers, he is under the direct protection of the Sandaime. The only assasination attempt he suffered was at the begining of the manga when Mizuki revealed the truth about the Fox. If he was used to that crap he wouldn't have frozen when his team faced the Demon Brothers at the begining of the Wave Arc.

- Naruto was not completely friendless during his childhood. We can see several flashbacks where he is hanging out with Chouji, Shikamaru and Kiba.

- Naruto is not called Fox or Demon by the villagers, they are afraid of the Sandaime's Law, the punishment is very real and the Sandaime himself at the begining of the manga comments that he applied it. The great majority of Konoha follows the laws.

- Naruto was not sabotaged at the Academy, he got poor grades because he didn't have parents to help/motivate him with his studies and was more interested to gain people's attention. He was a slacker and not the smartest boy in class. If Naruto was sabotaged he would have never reached the final exams of the last Academy year.

- In the original manga/anime we can see that Naruto complains a lot, if he suffered some of the shit mentioned above he would have told the Hokage, he has no reasons to cover those who embitter his life.

- Naruto is not Gandhi, if someone attacks him without reason and he can defend himself, he will do it. Just because he doesn't defend himself from Sakura it doesn't mean that he will have the same consideration with a stranger.

- Naruto doesn't live in a dump in the worst part of the village that is periodically vandalized by villagers. In fact he lives in a fairly big attic with a terrace and all. If it looks like a dump is because Naruto doesn't clean it. When his apartment is clean we can see that it is a good place to live.

- Konoha is a militar dictadorship with the Hokage as the supreme authority, he is not a figure head whose opinion can be overpowered by the votes of a pair of civilian councilors. Konoha is not a democracy, the Hokage has legislative, executive and judicial powers. The councilors can give their opinion but the Hokage is the one who has the final word, for that reason Naruto doesn't want to be a councilor and Danzo wants to be Hokage himself.

- The Sandaime is not a senile fool who doesn't realize the bad things that happen to Naruto as many writers want to portray him. He is not a weak willed old man who is bullied by the council. Hiruzen Sarutobi is one of the most dangerous ninjas who ever existed and he is not afraid of exert his authority. A ninja who manages to defeat the summoned Shodai and Nidaime Hokages and cripple Orochimaru can't be the weak willed old man who is afraid to do what has to be done.

- The vast majority of the villagers know that Naruto and the Fox are different entities, Konoha is not inhabited by retards. This doesn't change the fact that they are afraid of the Kyuubi and want it away from them at the begining.

- The villagers and the ninjas opinion about Naruto begins to change for better since the begining of the manga, they are not blind to Naruto's feats. Stories where the villagers keep hating Naruto as much as the day after the Kyuubi attack without caring about what he did for the village doesn't make sense when those stories portray Gaara as the beloved Kazekage.

-There's no evidence of Anko receiving from the villagers a similar treatment as Naruto. It is more likely that she would be pitied instead of hated for what Orochimaru did, she is one of his victims after all. There's a question: If Anko is hated for her previous relationship with Orochimaru then why the remaining Sannin (his team mates) or the Sandaime (his sensei) are not hated as she is?

-Sasuke never acted like he was entitled to everything just because he was an Uchiha elite. Or something similar, because Sasuke worked and worked, and it wasn't enough until he defected. Sure he goes insane later on, but during Part 1 he's just a introverted ninja with legitimate skill, and until the finals of the Chunin Exam, Sasuke's the best Genin of the 'Rookie 9'. (Credits for this last fact are for SpiralAK, thank you).


The Gary Stu mentor: Naruto being chased by a mob that is constantly breaking the Sandaime's Law until 'The-Super-Powerful-OC' appears, punishes them after realizing how wrong they are and takes Naruto to train but not before scolding the Sandaime that casually appears at that moment.

My opinion: The typical story where Konoha is degraded in order to show how nice and awesome is the OC.

Fem Kyuubi: Kyuubi is a female who is nice with Naruto and acts like a mother/sister figure or as a pairing for Naruto. She can be a bit perverse but never evil.

My opinion: Just because Kyuubi is female it doesn't mean that she can't be evil. I find the idea of 'Female-Kyuubi=Good-Kyuubi', 'Male-Kyuubi=Evil Kyuubi' very sexist. If she develops romantic feelings for Naruto I only see a case of Stockholm Syndrome.

The Inuyasha Naruto: Naruto grows fox ears, a tail and many other foxy features. Generally he turns into a half demon (hanyou).

My opinion: That plot basically proves that the hateful villagers are right about Naruto and puts in question his father's ability as seal master. Many authors use the excuse of Naruto absorption of the Kyuubi's chakra to justify the transformation. Just because you eat a bird it means that you will grow feathers. The only stories where I can see the idea of the Inuyasha Naruto justified are those where one of his parents is actually a demon.

Naruto the Werefox: The Naruto hanyou from the former plot can turn the females he bites (now known as his mates) into hanyous too.

My opinion: A very overused idea that comes in hand with the Inuyasha Naruto. Wasn't Naruto supposed to be a half demon? When he turned into a werefox?

Exiled Naruto: After the Retrieval Arc Naruto is banished from the village by the council, if Sasuke was brought back they will accuse him of assaulting the Uchiha. Years later Naruto reappears more powerful than ever to save the village.

My opinion: These are fics that turn Tsunade into the council's bitch and Naruto into a retard when he decides to help them later with weak excuses like 'Some of the persons he cares about are in Konoha', however the feelings doesn't seem to be mutual considering that none of them decide to leave the village with him or revolt against the council. The 'Missing Hokage' stories show what Tsunade actually would have done if she couldn't prevent the exile.

(Note that I'm not criticizing those exile fics where he doesn't give a shit about Konoha's destiny and doesn't lay a finger to protect it)

Finally I have a pair of questions about this type of fics:

Why there is almost none of them where Kakashi leaves with Naruto? According to his beliefs that is exactly what he would have done.

In case Sasuke was brought back, where are the families of those who died during Orochimaru's Invasion? There should be people angry with the Uchiha traitor who leaves to join the enemy village that killed their kin and the Sandaime. These fic make it appear that the only one who died during the Invasion was the Sandaime and that he was not very loved, however... how does it justify the lack of ninjas that forced Tsunade to send a group of genins lead by a rookie chuunin to bring back Sasuke?

Kyuubi is Santa Claus: The name defines it. Kyuubi gives Naruto a lot of powers, bloodlimits, techniques and training.

My opinion: Naruto basically gets everything served on a silver platter and barely needs training to master his new powers.

The Impossible Academy Test: No matter if Naruto got early training and became extremely good in most ninja fields, has an unusual ability and did the other portions with flying colors, if he can't perform the bunshin he fails the Academy Exam.

My opinion: The Academy test is based in the total points from all the portions, the bunshin is not essential to pass it. The living proof of this is Lee, who passed with no ninjutsu, genjutsu and a mediocre taijutsu, it is obvious that he passed because he got good grades in the written portions and other fields. I think that this plot hole is used to justify the Scroll Incident in order to have Naruto finding about the fox, learning Kage Bunshin and defeating Mizuki because the author of that fic lacks the imagination write something else.

Inevitable Fate: No matter how strong Naruto is and what kind of powers he holds in the fic, the main events of the original story won't change at all: He is at Team Seven although he is not the dead last. He doesn't get a promotion at the Chuunin Exams although he used strategies worth of Shikamaru. He can't help the Sandaime. He doesn't make a difference at the Battle of the Sannins. He still loses against Sasuke at the Valley of End although he was clearly stronger than him (while Sasuke as the same strength as in the original)... The Impossible Academy Test also enters in this category.

My opinion: If Naruto's new power and circumstances don't change the main events in regard to the original story then there is little point to write said fic, it is is just a remake, let's better stick to the original.


After chapter 504 many people thought that Naruto would end with Sakura because his mother said him to be with a woman like her. I have a question about this.

Why do you think that Kushina and Sakura are alike?

Let's compare them...

Sakura cried when kids made fun of her. Kushina beat them.

Sakura was good at school. Kushina wasn't.

Sakura was fawning for Sasuke at the beginning. Kushina thought that Minato was girly.

Naruto got Kushina's personality. Does Sakura have the same personality as Naruto? NO.

Now let's compare Kushina with another girl

Who was kidnapped by Kumo? Kushina and Hinata.

Who aspires to be more like Naruto, (who is stated to be male Kushina)? Hinata.

Kushina loves Naruto? YES. Hinata loves Naruto? YES.

Who would give her life for Naruto? Hinata and Kushina already did.

Who said to Naruto that she loved him and meant it? Hinata and Kushina, Sakura's words were fake and Naruto knew it.

Who vows to never give up his/her word? Naruto and Hinata and because we know that Kushina is like Naruto, her too.

All these facts are from the manga, nobody can deny them.


These are some of the stories I want to write once I finish New Chance. Many of them were planned at the same time as New Chance and have developed plots. All stories are Naru/Hina.

Naruto, the Way of the Pervert: Naruto is appointed as the heir of Jiraiya's waste fortune. Unfortunately the Sannin's will comes with a clause that requires Naruto to publish the last book of the Icha Icha series if he wants to get the fortune. In order to be able to write that book Naruto will have to become Konoha's biggest pervert, luckily he will get some unexpected help.

This one will be focused mainly in humor.

Heir of the Hokuto no Ken: A crossover with the Fist of the North Star where Naruto is trained by Kenshiro, I won't tell more details.

Konoha's Silver Mask: Takes place after the Fourth Ninja War with the difference that Sasuke's fight against Danzo ended with Shimura's victory and Tsunade not waking up. With Danzo as Hokage Konoha is no longer the peaceful village it once was. The only one who seems to oppose him is a thief known as Silver Mask...

The Prince of Pirates: A crossover with One Piece. For centuries the Elemmental Nations were safe from the World Goverment's clutches due to a barrier created by the Sage of the Six Paths that prevented the performance of Akuma no Mi Fruits, Haki and gun powder. Unfortunately this barrier is disappearing and only the treasure known as One Piece is able to restore it.

An October Night: Things during the Kyuubi attack turn very different.

Siblings bond, Naruto and Naruko: Not the typical Fem Naruto story. During the night of the Scroll Incident Naruko learns a jutsu that lets her summon an alternate version of herself. What nobody expected was that this alternate version to be male, older than her, aware the future and with the power of kage.

When an Uzumaki appears: Mito Uzumaki didn't die, she was in a comma and woke up twelve years after the Kyuubi attack. When she returns to Konoha everybody would have wished that she stayed asleep.

Diary of a jinchuuriki: Naruto gets captured by Akatsuki and thought to be dead. Naruto's friends find some diaries that change their oppinion of the blonde.

The Ultimate Weapon: Danzo manages to fool Konoha to believe that Naruto died during an attack by angry villagers so he can turn him into the perfect tool without the Sandaime's interference but things don't turn as he imagined.

Different Events: What if Akatsuki didn't put a hold on their plans for three years and kept going after Naruto? Our hero is forced to stay within the village while he receives one of the most intense an insane training regimens ever saw.

Back to the Academy: At the night of the Scroll Incident Iruka blames himself for Naruto's lack of success with the normal bunshin and decides to keep him at the Academy another year in order to fix his mistake, unaware of the consequences that decission would have for Konoha.

The Choice: Naruto has everything. His parents are alive, Sasuke never left the village and he is one of the most respected ninjas ever. Why he would renounce to it to return to a place where they didn't acknowledge him?

Life of a missing ninja: In order to keep a promise, Hinata abandons the village becoming a missing nin. What she didn't image was the consequences that her decission would have on a certain blonde.

The Ridiculous Jinchuuriki: Naruto receives from the Kyuubi a power that makes him practically indestructible but it has some curious drawbacks...

The New Z Warrior: A crossover with Dragon Ball, not what you expect, nothing else to say.

New projects (03/15/2013)

A Knight's Way: Naruto finds out that he is a descendant from an order of western warriors named knights who were able to perform feats that could be considered miraculous and followed a code of conduct, he gets fascinated by them and decides to became both a ninja and a knight. Watch how he manages to reconcile ninja life with the chivalry code while he combines ninja training with western weaponry and powers unseen in the Elemental Nations.

The Power of Metal: During the training trip Naruto gets enamored of new music style named Heavy Metal and becomes a music star while he develops a strange power.

Champion of Darkness: A dark Naruto fic set after the time skip. Naruto's dark part is in charge and he is making sure that everybody is aware of it and the only one who still believes that there is light left within him is the only girl who loved him.

The Delay: During the chat at the hospital after the battle of the Valley of the End Jiraiya slips that he knows about Naruto's parents but tells him that he can't reveal it until Naruto turns eighteen or becomes a chuunin. After realizing that during the training trip he wouldn't get a chance to earn that promotion he forces Jiraiya to delay the training trip until he becomes a chuunin leading to different events.

The Godaime: My own version of the story where Naruto becomes Godaime instead of Tsunade. Unlike other stories Naruto's rise to Hokage will make a lot of sense and will fix plot holes of the original story.

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