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Name: The main part of the name of an ancient civilization that used to reside in the middle east

Nickname: Pscy-I mean, Mya

Age-I'm legal to smoke-but I wouldn't anyway! [Too scared of what my mother would do to me...]

Where I live:New York

Ethnicity: A mad mix of everything [But Slavic]

On 7/11/2010, a very sweet girl died. she was a loving girl, a straight A student, a good friend and her boyfriend was very lucky. She never drank unlike what the news said. The Good die young. This future Veterinarian is now, 9/28/2010 is her 17th birthday. We all miss you, Anaise

The Crazy Side is soooo much more fun:

"Come to the dark side..." Beckoned the cloaked stranger, breathing deeply-a faint scent of sulfur emanating around him, "You will have all the power and things you want..."

"Do you have cookies?" A simple question from a simple young person.


"Do you have cookies on the Dark side?"


"Cool, what type?"

"Eh...Sugar Cookies-"


"Whats wrong with Sugar Cookies? They're Cookies!"

"Yeah; but too sweet! Chocolate Chip Cookies are better! Ugh, you're a poser-be gone before I remove your lower intestines with a spork and use them to decorate my front lawn"

"EEEPP!!" He ran away...

Then next day I was recruited by the Light Side-same thing happened...until the Crazy side came.

Apparently They had Chocolate Chip Cookies...XD yummmmmy


These are my ships: {Note, there will be additions-many..}

ZUTARA!! -Avatar; the last Airbender-I'm not even going to go on a triad here, my fellow Zutarains understand this.

Seddie-iCarly-Sooooooooooo canon-for like a few episodes, but STILL, Seddie won ;)

SunakoxKyohei-The Wallflower/Perfect Girl Evolution-This is probably the only canon I'm for; they fit. Nothing more to say.

DannyxVal-Danny Phantom-so cute!! So secretive!! WHY DID SAM GO AND RUIN IT?? [I'm also all for Dan and Val Ultimate Enemy Universe/Future]

DannyxEmber-Danny Phantom-If Val can't have Danny, I approve of Ember!

KimikoxJake Spicer/Jimiko-Xiolian Showdown-i know; total crack-but crack is unconventional and those relationships usually last longer than the conventional and 'perfect' ones that usually end in an utter mess!

RavenXRedX-Teen titans-They're both pretty awesome, plus-I can see Red X bothering her yet wooing her at the same time.

RavenxRobin-Teen Titans-They're both pretty mature-and they seem to have a very deep understanding.

IchigoxKish-Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power-They are so adorable! He's so in love with her and he was also her 1st kiss (Sure, he stole it...but still!) plus Mark/Mayama is toooo goody-two-shoes and Elliot/Ryo is an ass-a hot ass-but still an ass.

GazxZim/GAZR-Invader Zim-they are so dark and twisted (but hes more funny and she's so scary that you have got to respect her) and they BOTH HATE DIB!!

AlicexMadHatter-Alice in Wonderland/Alice/Through the looking glass/etc. Need I say anything more? If I have to-slap yourself until you read a good AlicexMadHatter fanfic and you realize the truth! If you don't then my army of purple fuzzy koalas find you and End you...

ElizabethSwannxJackSparrow-POTC-they have such good chemistry it's a SIN to not like them together!!

RougexPyro-X Men-all I have to say is this; Ice man isn't so cool. BUT-Pyro is mega friggin hot AND a tad bit psycho. (Movie universe)

HinataxDeidara-Naruto-aww, so cute!! Shes soo shy and hes soo funny and loud-but still cool!! (plus hes mega yummy)

PeachxBowser-Mario-Now before u pelt me with yellow snow-think about it! he's in TOTAL LOVE with her! his kids CALL HER MAMA! hello!? do I NEED to Draw a friggin picture? If so, then look up on Deviantart cuz I'm too busy drawing Mad Hatter pics

SherlockxMolly Hooper-Sherlock BBC-I got into this fandom a good year ago or so and I loved the two of them! And given the new season-I know it's meant to be!!! [Bless you Capt. P. Anderson of the good ship Sherlolly!!!]

Doctor [10/9]XRose-Doctor Who-Canon. So Canon-I cant even-it's...they are great together!!!!!

DavexJade-Homestuck-Strider is oh so cool and Jade is just too adorable, I cant help it!!!

Mary MorstanxJohn Watson-Sherlock BBC-Theyre perfect together, or so I think. I still think something's up with her, but none the less I love the ship.

EonaxIdo-Eona-Cant help it.


Dramione-Harry Potter-Cant believe I havent put this here before! Theyre soo...volatile! That love/hate dynamic-it's delicious!

Sam SimpsonxTim Scam-TS-Dont even go there-the good girl and bad guy cliche is sooo alive and well here! It's kismet!!!!

OncelerxGranny Norma-Lorax-It really couldve happened! I love it so much!!!!

LokixJane Foster-Thor-I really think they fit.

Things people don't really know about me:

1. I'm quite crazy-seriously. It's a crazy that runs deep inside of me. I can't control it, merely channel it. I'm not ashamed of it though, it's a part of it and I would never part with it.

2. I often fear that I am not worth the time or effort people give me

3. I constantly seek connection with people-and then I push them away.

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