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K18 (Krillin x Android 18) fan who got to know the couple through a video game, then reading fanfics, and finally watching the show (so it's kinda a reverse order compare to the average fan).

A fan since the early 2000s (I believe I read my first fanfic around 2003 or 2004), back when there were still many different character shrines and sites dedicated to different DBZ couples. Still remembered staying up all night and reading fanfics when I should be doing homework, resulting in me falling asleep in class the next day. A darn shame I only started writing K18 fanfics now really, which I believe is two decades late but being late is still better than never I suppose.

Love this couple with arguably the most chemistry on screen. For all of Akira Toriyama's talk of not good at writing romance, he sure gave us one of the best anime couples there is. The fact that the seven year gap was purposefully left unexplored in the manga further leave us writers free to run our imaginations wild with near limitless opportunities.

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