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About me :

As I've already begun writing a story, I might as well write something in the profile.

I am just a guy with an overactive imagination who decided to put aforementioned imagination to good use.

I also have a recently developed addiction to anime which led me to binging stuff like Death note, Zatch Bell, FMA: B, Tokyo Ghoul, Hellsing Ultimate etc. Zatch bell was my favorite for some reason (the manga has even better story than the anime but the anime has "Chichi wo moge" and "Very Melon").

That's all about me. Heh.

P.S - I would like to extend special thanks to the author Mialyn Tee. She's been giving me great advice for my ideas. Arigato Mialyn-san.

About My Stories :

A Strange Ride - I'm writing this one because there aren't many crossovers involving Ghost Rider and the DC universe and none of them are complete (far as I know). In my opinion, that's just wasted potential. Ghost Rider has the perfect background for a dark and mysterious character and DCU is the perfect place for dark and mysterious, so why not combine those two?

The Centipede's Journey - As stated above, I've recently watched the Tokyo Ghoul anime and I've also finished the manga afterwards. The manga was much better imo. But all of this gave me a new idea which I just had to work on. This fic is the result of that idea.

P.S: I changed the summary of this fic because the original summary that was posted was the doing of my sleep deprived brain and it didn't quite reflected my style. Don't worry, the story is still the same.

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