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Hallo! I'm Kenneth however, that's not my real name I just prefer that over my real name for many reasons. You can also call me Ken or Kenny (That last one someone tried to annoy me with. It didn't work.)

I'm an American but I'm also part English, Irish, German, and Russian but that's just what I know, I could be part Italian for all I know.

Any books you see me do are usually for a series that I love and either: don't have enough fics about them, don't get the justice they deserve, or I just wanted to do.

Fanfics I would like to do:

-Left 4 Dead


-Gears of war



-Maybe a reaction fic, who knows?

UPDATE (08/01/2021): Any and all Fanfic I am doing or have thought of has been put on hold for now. The reason being, me and a group of other writers have come together to make a story. It'll be on Wattpad, but we don't know if we would put it on here, if so, it won't likely be on my account but a shared one. If that's the case I will put a link for that account.

UPDATE 2 (01/20/2022): Well thanks to a reviewer guest named Kenji, he has put a new fire in heart and mind to get my L4D story going again. I'm still a part of that group of writers and are still writing a story but not the same one from before since that one fell apart. I hope to get the next chapter started soon and deliver the way I want. It's been many months, and, in that time, I've matured a bit in both my writing and in myself. But I'll do my best to keep that style of writing I had before. I honsently don't know if I still have it since I've working with others for so long.

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