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~Hey, my name's Tori. It’s nice to meet you! Unless of course you’re a rapist, cereal killer, or have some other questionable profession. :/ So anyways, I’m 16, a junior in high school and live with my mother, my bi-polar-Parkinson’s father, and my autistic-bipolar brother. Oh, and I’m bipolar too. Surprise! Oh we have some good times. I’m also sarcastic, a lot, and I procrastinate, a lot. It’s okay though, I work better under pressure. Anywhore, I’m a total music junkie and I never let my iPod out of my sight. Ever. I can stand almost any genre of music too. But country only in small amounts. I not only listen to music, I make it too! I’m in the chorus, chorale and women’s choir at school. And maybe someday I’ll even learn how to play that Gibson hiding in my closet. And I'm a total bibliophile and bookworm. Books RULE. Besides that, I love to hang with my friends, travel, kayak and bike. I have an orange kayak named Sprite and an awesome retro bike named Wasabi. My iPod’s name is Ethan Bryne and my laptop is Scully. And I’m learning Italian. It’s not going well. But I've always wanted to learn sign language. I love taking pictures too! Even if they aren't that good. I’m also struggling with an addiction to cherry Pepsi and Cheetos. To be honest, I hope I’m never cured. :)

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Books: http:///user/show/1676497

Music: http:///user/Misskiss645 3780 songs on Ethan Bryne and counting. :)

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