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Idk, im into a mix of thing, always fiction tho

Hello! I'm a girl from the San Francisco area who has recently fell in love with fanfiction - after realizing that it didn't always have to be romantic. Though I have a lot of planned Harry Potter fics, I have never even read the books...I KNOW, absolutely preposterous! I hope I can get by with the info I have on the series (that I got from fics) but please have mercy and be kind, I may love writing but that doesn't mean I'm good at it lol. I LOVE Dragon Prince, HArry Potter (especially Harry and Sirius) Avatar: The Last Airbender (but have beef with LoK), Percy Jackson (mostly just Percy) Marvel (only really Steve and Peter), BTS (bias: Jungkook), BLACKPINK (bias: Lisa), have a thing for Pinterest aesthetics, and wish to be a fashion designer when I grow up.

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Stories I Want To Write: prompts (mostly Harry Potter)

-- sirius watches his son in the graveyard (thanks to the participant vision monitors) and feels his heart drop, clench, break, and shatter ('dad' sirius - with hogwarts - sees what happens in the graveyard; dumbledore bashing)

-- sirius black vividly remembers the haunting look of pure fear and devastation in his son's emerald eyes as the 'justiceful' auors took him away for a murder harry would be a last person to commit, and now his pup is in 'hell on earth' after being betrayed by his family - oh fuck, he wasn't even an animagus. it has been 1 full month since that torturous day and padfoot has been doing the bare minimum to survive but can't get the image of his poor, perious kid crying and on the brink of death in azkaban out of his head; the rest of harry's family weren't doing much better. remus was not acting himself and only woke up everyday to make sure sirius didn't starve (he missed harry like hell and didn't even bother to show emotion and hadn't even twitched a smile in 30 days), tonks cried constantly wanting her little brother - who had been to reason for her and remus' relationship - in her arms and tried her best to help her soulmate. others like minerva, kingsley, severus, and moody who were incredibly (positively) affected by the amazing boy were melancholy and had blank expressions on their faces 24/7. ron, ginny, hermione, molly, arthur, dumbledore, charlie, and others who mistakenly and disgustingly betrayed the boy were ignored and shunned by his family. but.. what happens when harry comes back in time to sacrifice himself and save the same wizarding world that turned its back on him with a new perspective and "mind blowing" personality. (post - azkaban and hilarious harry; dumbledore and most weasley bashing)

-- post - azkaban harry has a wide collection of tattoos on his body (from a meaningful and cursive "Mischief Managed" on his forearm to an absolutely gorgeous phoenix spread across the top of his back, broad shoulders), and there is not a single doubt that ginny doesn't love his special markings that not only present his life... but also make him look sexy as fuck. (post - or mid - "Hero Of Light" hinny one-shot; smitten ginny fluff)

-- aunt may dies in a car cash during the 'blip', tony and pepper are busy all the time, the other avengers don't notice, his friends don't talk to him anymore, and flash is being the biggest dick ever. but he keeps preserving, he can do this.. right? the depression hurts, he wants to disappear; WAIT! don't think like that. But he's coping... But that's not quite true, is it? Tony Stark got used to having one child over the last five years, now he has two. He forgets. Peter can’t handle it.

he completely breaks after flash ruins his big science project for the science fair (that tony didn't attend) and finds help from the only one who has noticed... daredevil? (protective matt murdock takes in precious spider-baby and fluff ensues; daredad

-- everyone sees the warrior of light, their hero, fall after saving the same wizarding world that cursed him - wait, why isn't he getting up?

sirius his dad rushes to his side whispering prayers [no no no, puppy get back up just one more time, P L E A S E] - and i'm sorry to be the one that tells you that he does not...

~ do not worry young ones, the victorious but fallen saviour was able to whisper some last words to his beloved father, amazing uncle, favorite aunt, and best friends before accepting fate ~

lines I want to use in one-shots // prompts:

-- "You are a champion, Harry, and I am so fucking proud of you.”, Sirius strongly whispered pouring out all the love from his heart, caressing the back of his traumatized son's head while his other hand gently wiped away the glistening tears off Harry. (harry feels survivor guilt and his dad is willing to sacrifice everything he has to take away the unbelievable pain his baby is going through; dumbledore bashing - fluff / comfort / angst

-- "Eh. Less impartial, more self - deprecating" - Harry / Peter

"What was that?" - anyone really (cupping a hand on their ear)

"I like to talk bad about myself" - Harry / Peter (shrugging)

"I WILL PHYSICALLY FIGHT YOU!" - anyone really

(inspired by Sander Sides; Harry (or Peter) being obviously angsty and others being protective of him)

-- “Hey, kid? What’s the Pythagorean Theorem?”

“… a squared ‘n b squared and c squared.”, Peter mumbled. Okay. That was… impressive. And very nerdy. And absolutely fucking precious.

“Nice job, Pete.”

The teenager rolled up Tony's MIT hoodie and used his "sweater paws" to rub his eyes childishly while also licking his dry lips and falling back into a state of sleep.

Goddamnit. This kid really needed to quit with being so obnoxiously cute.

Peter Parker has me wrapped around his finger at all hours of the day, and I can’t even bring myself to give a damn.

"Parker luck doesn’t leave any survivors.", Peter whispered brokenly shaking his head innocently like he'd realized and confirmed the 'theory' months ago, closing the science braille book. Matt's heart shattered.

"I'm always alright when you're with me, Dad," Harry admitted, quietly, wringing his hands awkwardly as a pink hue tinged both cheeks, a small smile tugging at his lips. Sirius didn't think it was possible that he could love this beautiful kid anymore than he already did in that moment.

"God, you're killing me here, little one," Sirius spoke, releasing a watery chuckle, before pulling his son into a warm hug and kissing the side of his head, affectionately. "I love you so much, baby. Don't ever change," he murmured into his kid's hair and Harry giggled at this, nuzzling close.

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