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hey,im a dweeb that has nothing better to do.Ignore me.

Upload Cycle:

Nonexistent, expect silver sun and HOTS to update faster, however.

Shit I'm currently working on:

RWBY:Silver Sun

Basically taking your standard SI/OC type RWBY story and making changes so It's not just an effect of "oh god I gotta stop this from happening" because RWBY isn't fiction in the universe the main character is from. The OC is just along for the ride, unintentionally changing things as she goes. Influenced by my political thoughts, so don't throw a pissy fit over it.

The Lost One (Call of Duty Zombies X RWBY) (undergoing a small rewrite of earlier chapters, will merge ch 1,2, and 3 together as a prologue.)

This is the concept that inspired parts of both FOTA, and HOTS. The idea is a mixture of HOTS and FOTA's concepts. Sam, after the events of BO4 zombies, loses her memories and is thrusted into remnant. this is one I didn't think I would start this early, but I hope it does well. Expect updates on this one to be random, as I dont have the beggining that planned out.

Huntress of the Skies (Fairy Tail X RWBY)

This is based on the 'Misplaced' Genre of FTXRWBY Fics. I've noticed a lot of those only really use Natsu, or all of the dragon slayers at once. This fic, will at the very least focus on Wendy and her adventure through remnant. Wendy,by the time of V1,will be older than her FT self. Many of her character traits will be different/ inverted, although the core of her character is the same.

Stuff that's currently having finishing touches put onto it or being written:

Working Title 5:Brown Eagle (Fallout X RWBY) (with elements of HOI4: Old World Blues for flavor)

The endless bureaucracy of the NCR. The Roman Brutality of the Legion. The confederalism of the Second CPG. Every post war american state takes its influence in government from somewhere. The Kingdom of Patchwork is no different. It's system of government is based off of the old HRE, with it having spanned across what was known as Missouri and Illinois since the enclave was repelled. When the current king dies, a bastard heir seeks to end the monarchy that has destroyed her life, whatever the cost. She find herself in a world her mother left behind, and all the baggage that comes with it.

Stuff I have ideas for and may make in the future:

The Fairy of the Aether (Call of Duty Zombies X Fairy Tail)

Basically taking Samantha (and possibly Eddie) from the end of BO4 Zombies and placing them in the fairy tail universe. This is sorta a mix of some ideas I've had floating around in my head mixed with the basis for another idea (see The Lost One). In this story, Samantha will be younger than her BOCW self, around the same age as Wendy.

Drachensyndikat: Legacy of Tenrou (Fairy Tail X Kaiserreich:Legacy of the Weltkrieg)

Tenrou island was frozen in time with all occupants on it. Barring one Wendy Marvell. She has ended up in the German century, in the American city of Saint Louis. But the nation she has found herself in isn't stable or a real happy one to be in, and is quickly turning into a powder keg. As she figures out which side she is on in this cold war between factions, she will see this nation tear itself apart as she tries to find her way back home to fairy tail. But the question is, will she still be the same innocent Wendy Marvell by the time she makes it home? (sorry if this description is a bit scatterbrained, It just irked me leaving this without one.)

The Red Rose of the Revolution (RWBY X The New Order: The Last Days of Europe)

Summer thought the gambit against Salem wouldn't work. She still went along with it anyway, hoping to possibly secure a future for her daughters. Now, she's found herself in the freezing cold of what was Russia, discovering a world beyond anyone's nightmares. Now among those with the same idealism she had in her youth, she sees a nation rise out of the Russian anarchy. Maybe she can help Buryatia through its growing pains.

Working Title 2:TRHK(DSMP X RWBY)

This one's inspired by a similar story,Professor Blade. It takes some ideas shown in the inspiration,and expands upon them. The story involves Karl, Tommy,Ranboo and Hannah Rose (may or may not be related to Ruby, actually don't know yet) ending up in the world of bloody evolution,being forced to adapt to their limitations and traumas to survive. This is the least conceptualized story out of all of them,as the other stories have had at least a week of conceptualization, while this ones one I know I want to do, just haven't spent a while conceptualizing it,one to two days at most.

Working Title 3:White Rabbit (Sam and Max X RWBY)

This one, I can't exactly remember how I came up with it. I was just watching a playthrough of Sam and Max Save the World and it just came to me. Its basic concept is taking Max from immediately after his apparent death in The Devils Playhouse, turning him into a Faunus and younger (once again like in AH concept 2, it will be consistent) and throwing him into remnant, more specifically, STQR's first year. This one's most likely gonna be split into two parts, one shorter part covering the antics of Max and STQR, and one longer part covering the shows canon. I could see one possible scene of depression/suicide as a bridge between the two parts. I was originally gonna say I wasn't likely gonna do this one, but just writing the summary gives me a writer's urge.

Working Title 4:Sound of Silence (DSMP X Fairy Tail)

This one's probably the oldest concept on this list. It was initially gonna be a Wilbur in tone similar to Ghostbur joins the fairy tail guild, but with recent DSMP lore I can make him a human version of Ghostbur, ending up in Earthland after what we see of him in Jubilee Line (Wilbur's limbo). This concept will take some time to get fully sorta out, as I gotta polish out some of the old kinks of the concept.

Working Title 6:Nemesis (DSMP X RWBY)

This is another story taking inspiration from Professor Blade. This one will be closer to its inspiration, however with some ideas from TRHK present, like expanding on PB's alchemist idea. Niki appears around the same time and place techno did in the inspiration. Think of this as professor blade except its niki, but there will be differences from everything, as its a completely different character with a similar idealology to techno, but a completely opposite personality.

Working Title 7: Which Side Are You On? (Kaiserriech:Legacy of the Weltkrieg X RWBY)

The Year is 1936. The United States of America is weakening by the year. Barely able to even reinforce the Monroe doctrine, hard times appear to be close in the American states. To the north of this union, Remnants of the British royal government in Canada seek to reclaim their homeland from syndicalism. Meanwhile, to their south, a Nation born of the same revolutionary fervor as its northern neighbor slowly pulls itself off of its feet. These three nations are ripped from their home world, flung into a world where blood is spilt more than it was in the Weltkrieg. Will these Divided states endure? Or will they be swallowed in the storm of the Grimm?

An ISOT scenario designed so the U.S just doesn't completely dominate remnant, although it will change outcomes in the RWBY timeline due to the SACW taking a year.

Working Title 8: Sic Semper Tyrannus (Fairy Tail X Assassins' Creed Syndicate)

Lisanna Strauss was probably the most peculiar member of the British assassin order. She didn't any of the usual traits of an assassin- no eagle vision, very easy to spot white hair- yeah, the templars could only wonder why the order took in a 14 year old like that into the order. But when she follows the Frye twins to london, and she's confronted with ghosts from her past, she's pulled into the Frye's shenanigans to liberate London.

AKA:Lisanna, instead of being sent to edolas, gets sent to london three years before the events of assassin's creed syndicate. The events of the story are close to pre-timeskip tenrou arc. also,there is no edolas.

Working Title 9: Who are you, that who does not know their history? (Fairy Tail X COD Black Ops Cold War)

Bell's memory is fucked. No, seriously. She doesn't remember a lot of anything, yet she remembers something from 2 decades ago. She's apparently forty, yet she looks like a teenager. She apparently is written down as having black hair, yet the blue roots tell her otherwise. She doesn't even remember her actual name. Whatever it is, she'll get to the bottom of this, and probably save the world while she's at it.

AkA: Wendy Marvell ends up in perseus after the events of tenrou, and is this timelines bell. As Bell goes after perseus, she picks up the peices of her mysterious past.

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