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Hello to the curious.

Man around fifty, happily married, happy that writing isn't the other thing I spend all my time doing because a different filter is a good thing.

I also post on SIYE. An updated version of this story is at .

It's a lot more fun to work within the bounds of character (to me) than to make these people into something they're not. That said, it makes sense that new circumstances might make them behave differently - but they should remain the same people, at least (to me again) if the frame is to be maintained. It's the best part about writing this kind of fiction - making something that works in the frame.

But you know, writing is good any way one does it, so if slash is your thing or you want to write yourself into the story, have fun. Get it out. Better to create than to be a passive consumer, if you are so inclined.

Reviews are the reward for doing this. Good or bad, they are a dialogue that enriches. So give me a few!

If you would like to have this story fleshed out a little more, you might visit /phantomlimbscore, where I've put up some orchestral music that I've written a la John Williams to complement the story. This will be updated as I have time. Please listen and enjoy!

UPDATE 5/6/13: I'm 11,940 words into the next chapter. More to come, including what D doesn't want to remember, what's wrong with America, particle physics, shampoo, elf skulls, leather, shaggy footwear and a nice long chat with Dumbledore.

Also, I'm curious if anyone ever listened to the music.

UPDATE 1/27/17: I haven't given up - it's just slow going. More to say before it's done.

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