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I a of 3 (2 boys & and 1 girl). My oldest son has to natural sons youngest 2 months and 2 step-sons, my middle son has 1 child a boy and my youngest a girl has 1 child and it is also a boy.

I love Musicials, Dirty Dancing, Westside Story, Grease and Grease 2. I liked Hairspray most for John Travolta and Queen Latifha, also Amanda Bynes. I like alot of the movies that Amanda Bynes has been in my favorite is she's the man.

I High School Musicial movies, because it has brought back musicials that people of all ages can watch. Parents with their children be them young or old.

I'm Disabled, I haven't written a story yet because, I startthinking of one and then I lose my train of thought, I'm only 51 years old but I had a minor stroke 9/2005 and then a mini stroke 11/2006, I'm on oxygen and have a short term memory loss, thats why I keep forgetting what my story is going to be about. I know in away but there is somethings that I have to research to get the info right.

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