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Hi! Just wanted to say I'm from the good Old US of A and proud of it!

Number one couple of all time...Pacey/Joey..Dawson's Creek.The couple that actually got me into shipping and caring about tv couples.The only couple to ever come close is my number two couple...That 70's show...Jackie/Hyde all the way forever and ever...Jackie/Fez doesen't exist in my world..nor does Hyde/Stripper(the writers for the show lost their freaking brains later on in the show!!!

I also love Roswell and have many fics done on this great show.I am a HUGE Kyle/Tess fan and so most of my stuff is about them.

Am also devoted to Sara/Nick and Grissom/Catherine or Grissom/Lady Heather from the Vegas version of CSI.

Tony/Ziva from NCIS is my new ship...with a small 'what if?' with Tony/Kate.I LOVE McGee from NCIS but Abby can really get on my nerves and I have a love/hate thing for her...more strong on the hate side.

I used to be a BIG time Harry Potter fan till I got to the part where I saw what jerks James Potter(and the others) were and how he still won the girl(Lilly) even after how horrible he treated Snape.If the author wants to show kids that the way to a girl's heart is to stalk her and torture/prank your rival than I want nothing to do with that story Draco Malfoy was a RACIST bigot yet for some reason women stil fall over him and think he's 'WONDERFUL'...I have to gag on that one.

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