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Key Information:

I am a 26 year old female

I live in NYC where I just completed my Masters in Clinical Social Work and am working as a therapist. In college I was History and French literature major and also taught pilates to make money.

I have a beautiful Golden Retriever named Jake and a Tabby Cat named Pliny the Elder.

I always longed to be a writer but never seemed to have the time so I have resigned myself to reading wonderful fan fiction.

Favorite Fictions/Pairings:

X-men- comic and cartoon adaptations only, due to the fact that I did not like Rogue's characterization in the films.

My favorite pairing and basic obsession is ROMY- I can't read any stories where either Remy or Rogue are paired with other people, it just warps my sensibilities. I also believe that even during all the years when Rogue's touch was poisonous, she would have been able to be intimate with Remy. There are multiple ways- body stockings being the best in my opinion.

Greek Mythology: Hades and Persephone- Dark and light, life and death, etc. The differences between them are what make them so compatible and I just always loved those mysterious men.

LOTR: Faramir and Eowyn- This couple does not get enough love, we have to start bringing back the fandom.

Macross Frontier: Alto and Sheryl- In my opinion this couple is canon. Ranka is a little girl and cannot be considered a match for Alto. Besides, Alto needs a strong, opinionated, sexy woman like Sheryl so that he can mature. Plus she is the Galactic Fairy, who says no to that?

Final Fantasy VII: Vincent and Tifa- These two just fit together, there is the history of unrequited love, the devotion to justice and the need for healing. Another bonus is that Vincent is awesome! I don't see Tifa with Cloud and the Yuffie/Vincent pairing really bothers me. Yuffie is so annoying that I know after two minutes with her Vincent would pull out Cerberus and shoot something.

Zelda: Link and Malon- The hero of time and the farm girl belong together because he is her knight and she is his link to normalcy (no pun intended).

Justice League: Superman and Wonder Woman- These two have a long history in both the comic and animated mediums. They have always shared a special bond and attraction for one another and have a deep understanding of the hardships of being a hero. This pairing makes much more sense than a Batman/Wonder Woman one. Also, I find Lois Lane to be domineering, aggressive and sometimes borderline psychotic.

Bleach: Ichigo and Orihime- The two teens are quite cute together and I think that Orihime's bubbly personality and quirky behavior help to bring Ichigo out of his shell.

NEWLY CREATED-IchiHime Shorts: A community for the various collections of IchiHime drabbles that have been written.

Grimmjow and Neliel- First, these two together are just mad sexy. Second, Neliel is the only one who can deal with Grimmjow's short temper and gruff language. Her ability to remain calm and thoughtful helps her to balance out his impulsivity and arrogance.

Ishida and Nemu- Two souls looking for love and a place to belong. They can help each other heal from the brutal treatment of their fathers.

Ukitake and Unohana- Ukitake has been sick for centuries and Unohana has been his faithful healer. To me it is only natural that they would fall in love.

Byakuya and Yoruichi- The student with his former master. Two lovers separated for hundreds of years by a tragic circumstance. It is both romantic and sad.

Other Non-Fan Fiction Favorites: The New York Rangers, The New York Yankees (2009 CHAMPIONS!), The New York Giants (heh, I'm loyal), ice hockey, baseball, football, cricket, working out, frozen yogurt, crime series such as Forensic Files, psychology, coffee, iced tea, reading (especially non-fiction), music (of all types opera to punk rock), The Daily Show, fashion, cooking healthy, traveling (45 countries, 6 continents and counting), photography, politics, writing...

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