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Hey, readers! Welcome to my archive! I hope you all enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing them!

So, I mostly write Naruto fanfics but I will be honest, I did not enjoy the anime too much. Terrible ships, terrible power scaling, terrible pacing. And Naruto was DUMB AS SHIT! But the ships I enjoy are:

-Naruto x Tayuya

-Naruto x Anko

-Naruto x Fu

-Naruto x Mikoto

-Naruto x Kushina (Yup)

-Naruto x Kurenai

-Naruto x Tsunade

-Naruto x Tenten

-Naruto x Temari

-Naruto x Haku

-Naruto x Samui

-Naruto x Konan

-Naruto x Ino

-Naruto x Yugito

-Naruto x Mabui

-Naruto x Karui

-Naruto x Mei

I like Sasuke stories when done right. Too much bashing is definitely annoying. I REALLY dislike Karin though. She's such a generic stupid character in the anime. And she fell in love with emo prick Sasuke. Fucking embarrassment to the Uzumaki clan.

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