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Hey everyone! I'm Cali aka Sorceress of Magic and I LOVE reading/writing fan fiction :)

Hi guys! I know I keep saying that I'll get more active and then life gets in the way. My life has changed soooooooo much and I'm determined to make time for writing (even if it is sporadic or only on school vacations).

12/27/20 Life update: So I am now a First-Grade Teacher :) I am happily married and have an adorable pain in the butt three year old. I still use and frequently check my FanFiction Facebook, so feel free to find me there. I have been writing for the last few years mostly on A03 due to joining Facebook group fests, but I am currently in the process of uploading those stories here. As always I read wayyyyy more than I write, but I am constantly inspired. I just made a Tumblr but I'm not completely sure what to do with it yet so follow me I guess!?! lol

Harry Potter fan fiction = life

I am a proud member of the Dramione and Harmony ships but I am open to many well written couples

I enjoy Harry with Hermione, Luna, Daphne, Pansy

I enjoy Hermione with Draco, Harry, Theo, Charlie

I prefer Ron with Pansy

I prefer Ginny with Draco or Blaise

I recently read Luna and Charlie which was adorable and makes so much sense!

I've also read adorable versions of Draco and Astoria and Harry and Cho

Thanks for reading and hopefully you enjoy my stories! :)


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