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...a könyv az az eszköz, amely nélkül nem tudom elképzelni az életet, s amely nem kevésbé tartozik hozzám, mint kezem, vagy a szemem.


There, a little bit of Hungarian for you! :D

Name: Diko

Age: 26

Siriusly in love ;)

Still waiting for my Hogwarts letter...

Also: lazy, sleep deprived, parties too much, neat freak in denial, would like to work for the United Nations, spends too much time on the www, loves the English language and yeah... reads too much (sometimes rubbish too ;)... recently a WannabeLawyerAspiring, real life has almost got me... oh, and apparently I'm in 'Team Edward', some great fanfics pulled me to the dark side... :-P

I have found some brilliant fics and authors here, feel free to check them out, they are all among my favs!

I read all kind of fics: romance, fluff, humor, angst, tragedy, dark, really dark, smut...

I will probably never write fan fiction myself (because I can't write too good in English, sad, I know :( but I can't wait to read stories and write reviews!

Oh, I used to hang out at the Reviews Lounge, Too

I, Il'Diko, do solemnly swear to review all the stories I read,
regardless of the number of reviews, its age, or anything else.
I have joined the review revolution.

but now I mostly just lurk around (no time you see)

Have a question? PM me, I don't bite... :D

Also, if you came here, because you didn't know who the heck this random Reviewer is... I used to be HungarianWitch 22 :D

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