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July 22nd, 2009

In a private message, Katsumara was asking me about the interconnected stories that make up my little Kimverse. It was never my intention to create my own little universe. It just happened. For those of you as confused as I am, here is a quick chonology, as nearly as I can see it.

Ron's Pandaroo Promise (Main body, ten years after is self explanitory)

A Week in the Pocket (Toward the middle of Junior year of High School)

On the Inside can fit anywhere in here.

She's Your Basic Average Girl (the night of STD)

Study Night with Kim and Ron (Freshman Year of Universtiy)

Sarah (A few weeks after Study Night)

Learning on a Snow Day (Probably the end of Winter of Sarah Go's first year of teaching)

Possible Pregnancies/I'm Sorry-Wasted Time are concurrent. (After grad from University. I'm Sorry will fit in as part of chapter 10 of Pregnancies, with some alterations.)

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (When Sarah Anne Stoppable, Ron and Kim's first child is about 7 and Hanna is 12)

From Ron's Cookbook is really a series of short stories, tied to others. It's pretty obvious where I have made the connections. It runs from just before A Week in the Pocket to during Sarah.

Other stories do not fit into the Kimverse, so they are a nice change of pace.

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