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Hello, offspring of other offspring.

A few things about me is that I'm absolutely obsessed with Miraculous Ladybug, I've been watching the show since it came out about six years ago. Even though the shows writing is terrible (and I mean terrible) I can't bring myself to stop watching it, it's my comfort show that helped we through my darkest times, that sounds really sad geez. It's also the only thing I'll write about on this app btw.

My favorite ship is most definitely Marichat (Supremacy). There's just this authentic thing about this ship that brings a smile to face whenever I see them interact w/ each other. I would honestly love to argue w/ anyone who thinks different, but I'll write like a story on it or something lol.

I'm proudly Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. I grew up in a Christian household that wasn't really Christian you could say, I mean, we went to church every Sunday and talked about how the service was, but we weren't genuine Christians. We believed in the prosperity side of it which was bad (basically meant we thought that God had a plan to make us wealthy and healthy because we "followed" him), but I'm happy to say that's not the case anymore and we're totally different Christians now. If you guys wanna know more about the gospel just email me :).

I'm also a South African female. I'm not willing to give my age out (sorry y'all).

Yeah, I don't really got a lot to say so just enjoy my cool looking profile Pic ig.

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