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Hi, thank you for looking at my page!

By day, I work for the National Trust; by lunchtimes, weekends and evenings, I'm a freelance writer, a fan fic enthusiast, waitress, gardener and occasional life model.

Feel free to get in touch any time using either the PM system or my email, or find me on twitter as @MissLilyMoon

I love sending and receiving reviews and always reply to ones I receive - it's great to know what readers think of my work and a true compliment. If you've read my work, please let me know what you've thought of it.

CSI:NY led me to this site and reignited my enthusiasm for fan fiction, particularly Mac & Stella. The dynamic between Gary Sinise and Melina Kanakaredes really caught my imagination, and has led to many fics about them, with most involving peril for my favourite heroes... thanks to suallenparker for my new icon :D

After the end of the 6th season, I stopped watching CSI:NY, being really unhappy with CBS for letting their leading lady, Melina Kanakaredes, go. The show may be over now, but I remain a hopeful romantic.

In progress is 'Once Upon A Time In the Old West' - An AU story, with the NY characters in the perilous Wild West! Thanks to iluvcsi4ever for creating cover art for the story: check it out here!

Also in progress / complete are several collaborative stories:

'The Twelve Days of Christmas' with Blue Shadowdancer under the name Lily and Blue.

'Big Sky Country' with Brinchen86 under the name RoseBrina

'Hidden Agenda' with Forest Angel under the name Woodland Flower

I WON SOMETHING! Thank you very, very much to everyone who voted for me in the 2009 CSI NY fan fic awards:

Best Mac/Stella author, Best Team Story for 'Once Upon A Time...', Best Mac/Stella story for 'Once Upon A Time...', Best Suspense Story for 'Lost Letters', Joint Best AU story for 'Once Upon A Time', Joint Best Reviewer, Joint Best Oneshot for 'The Trouble With Heroes', Runner-up: Best Flack/Angell oneshot for 'Sunset', Runner-up: Best Angst for 'The Trouble With Heroes'

Other stuff: I love acting, painting and reading; I walk miles every day and swim a lot; I love steam trains and would love to drive one. You'll find me (should you ever want to look for me) in a corner of North Cornwall, in a cottage by the sea.

I hope you enjoy my stories.

Lily x

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