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cagallirockz PM
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I'm just a simple reviewer

if i wrote a story it would be corny i have idea's but no plot ohs wells:)

Im a Canadian eh!i live in Saskatchewan (ya i know theres not many ppl...)

My fav couple ever is Athrun and Cagalli!!

i dont really get the chance to watch that much anime i can only watch what comes on t.v

i really love death note and me and my friend watch it all the time but i watch it for the plot no the charaters

i love gundam seed/destiny because of the characters so i read stories about them and was very disaponited at the end of destiny...ASUCAGA 4 EVA!!

p.s Athrun is sooo HOTT!!.

once i figured out how to get a picture on here i had to get this one:)(melts to the ground)

p.p.s is anyone a fan of Within Temptation?i just dicovered them and now they are my fav band

and look! :its a smile with a mustache!! FRENCHY!!jk... he's a cowboy!!i have a great idea!!Athrun as a cowboy!!nummy Stupid smile wont work!!

u may tell by now that im a girl (if u read all this)

p.p.s.s i have a tendency to misspell things all the time so i trust that u reviewers can figure out what i mean just so u now i dont say mean things unless the reall chese me off and i and trying hard not to mispell anymore

and i always like to end with a smiliey:D

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