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formally bradw316 I have changed to this cause I forgot my previous accounts password and couldn't get a new one so I started this new account.


Challenge 1: Bones saves Harry - Time travel fic with a twist instead of Harry going back to fix issues, what if Death sent someone back that should have done something long before Harry was old enough to stop Voldemort. Someone who could have neutered the purebloods, made Harry's childhood loving and bearable, also stopping Dumbledore's Greater Good before it was given wings.

Must Haves: Amelia dies the summer of Harry's fifth year meets Death in the afterlife is told she should have saved Sirius from Azkaban, rescues Harry from the Dursleys , saves the Longbottoms from the Lestranges and Crouch Jr.

Amelia can be named Harry's godmother but doesn't have to be, can be in love with Sirius but again doesn't have to be. Shows Harry familial love.

Pairings: Harry/Any Potter girl except Ginny

Bashing: Dumbledore, Ron Weasely, Snape, etc.

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