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Update 8/16/2014: Holy hiatus, Batman! It's been ages since I've updated! I think a profile revamp is long overdue.

Here, you'll find:

Phantom of the Opera-inspired works More Phantom of the Opera-inspired works The odd Harry Potter fic A pretzel possibly lost in the darkened crevices of the couch cushions and Even more Phantom of the Opera-inspired works

Should it tickle your fancy, you can find me on DeviantArt and on Tumblr. "Erik" also has his own Tumblr page, so feel free to drop "him" a line if you feel particularly antagonistic.

Should it tickle a different yet no less distinguished fancy, here's a bit about me:

I am:

An artist, A writer, A university student double-majoring in English and integrated marketing communications and minoring in French, Evidently a sadist because seriously, who in their right mind does something like that to themselves? I need a nap. A connoiseur of fine cannolis. If you have never tried a cannoli before, I urge you to rectify that problem immediately. Unless you are allergic to dairy. Or wheat. Or chocolate. In which case, please do not eat the aforementioned Italian desert item because you will probably be very upset and I do not want to make you upset. A wannabe novelist. A wannabe actress. A wannabe wallaby. I actually harbor no desire to be a wallaby. "Wannabe wallaby" just had a nice ring to it. A lover of all things Victorian Minus the lack of women's rights And child labor laws And antibiotics A theater-goer A theater-lover A theater-performer By which I mean "one who acts out the entire play from within the audience much to the dismay of the ushers." In all seriousness, I would love to act. But until that day comes, writing is a wonderful outlet. So is art. So is reenacting the entirety of Les Misérables in the shower.

The end.

I truly appreciate and value all constructive input, so do review if you get the chance! I hope you enjoy my stories, and thanks so much for stopping by!

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