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Name: Just call me Mii-Chan or Emi-Chan ;)

Sex: I'm female (Though that is predictable if I have Chan in my nickname )

Love: Drawing, reading (Fanfic and manga), writing fanfic, gaming (Though not so much)

~Anime love (Ranma 1/2)~

~I only read and write Ranma/Akane fanfics.

~I don't like Ranma or Akane with anyone but the other, it just feels wrong reading it (Though I don't mind if other people do like reading and writing it

~Shugo Chara~

~I love Amu/ Ikuto, and dislike other pairings with one of them.

~I don't like Tadamu, 'cuz I see them as little kids in a friendship..

~Message for you all~

If you really love writing fanfic, but you get flames, don't give up.. You learn and improve from experience and reading other people's fanfics. (I'm still learning though '')

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