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I have small obsessions, usually with things far beneath my age, but I'm doing nothing to rectify them ;D

I'm an older member of this site, particularly with the fandoms of my choice. It's okay with me. My fandom of choice is, obviously, How to Train your Dragon.

When I first decided to write a HTTYD story, I planned on keeping things as simple, cute and innocent as a DreamWorks movie would be. I didn’t want to make it too long, I didn’t want to get too involved with it. It was meant to be a little creative side project. I wanted to write well, but keep things laid back enough not to get people too passionate about it. I wanted to avoid the need for flamers to flame or people to get so involved with the story-line they would be dragged up and down with each chapter's tone. This was supposed to be an in-and-out thing for me so that I could get the cute feelings out of my system and I could leave and never look back. O_O It didn't quite happen like that...

You might look at Hitchups and think: "Daaang! That’s a long story. Is it worth my time to try and read it? I don’t want to get halfway through it only to find myself hating where it’s going!"

Come on. We’ve all been there. And then we feel resentment towards the author for ‘leading you on’ and put out because we’ve wasted so much time on something that turned out to be a dud.

So, as a courtesy to potential readers, I will tell you what to expect to avoid this situation.

Regarding Hitchups:

I will start by saying: this is not a romance fic. This is adventure, this is friendship, this is drama, this is humor, this is family, this is fantasy, this is experience.

Hiccup leaves before he opens Astrid’s eyes as I could not find a single fic where he left when he said he would leave...before I started, anyway. This is not a HiccupxAstrid pairing fic. The only relationship I focus on is that between Hiccup and Toothless. There is no slash and no bestiality. They’re brothers from another mother. Hiccup will meet new people, they’ll influence his life, but there will be no tag-alongs.

This follows Hiccup through the ages of 15 to 17. This takes place somewhere between 1000 and 1200 A.D., and I gap this so much because I take historical events from within there and scramble them around.

Please acknowledge the time period and all that it implies.

Hiccup is a recognized adult in this time. Hiccup is also a teenager. Hiccup will drink. Hiccup will swear. Hiccup will encounter sexuality. Hiccup will not have a One True Love. Hiccup is not a player. Hiccup is not loose. Hiccup has standards. Hiccup will be picky. Hiccup has a backbone—grown, fertilized by travel experiences, life choices, and a dragon.

There will be gods. There will be mythology. There will be Berk. There will be decisions. There will be mistakes. There will be consequences. There will be loss. And, most of all, Hiccup is going to grow up.

That is Hitchups summed up to the best of my ability. Read at your own risk. Not your cup of tea? Then don't drink it! :)


(Because there is an untold number of amazing people out there who liked that stupidly long story)

Illustrated scenes from Hitchups!

Fanart done by wonderful people!

TVtropes page made by the incredible Jiven!

Hitchups on audio by the amazing Caden Kay Productions!

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Hitchups is completed. A year-long project come to an end. I want to cry a thousand tears and laugh a thousand laughs :'D


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Hitchups has reached the 3,000 review mark. Magical! Here's my tribute to it

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