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Favorite pairings:

1. Naru/Saku (God I love this pairing so much.)

2. Naru/FemSasu

3. Naru/Ino

4. Naru/Yugi

5. Naru/Fuu

Honorable mention. Naru/Harem (Has to be well written)

I currently only have 2 chapters of my story "through the eyes of a demon", but I assure you more is coming soon, I'm just a perfectionist and I wont ever put out half assed work, I also hate alot of the things that make it easier to write a story, like bashing and almost ALL cliche's. So I'm very picky with what I put out, and I want to have at least like 4,5k words per chapter, and that's minimum.

So to all of the people waiting on my next chapter, the wait is almost done, I'm just trying to figure out how to write some character development with a few people, I also am trying to save some ideas for my other stories that I want to write, so my current story doesn't just hog all of the ideas.

I will maybe occasionally do a little bashing if I'm REALLY struggling with ideas (also if I wanna have little fun with my writing) or something, like council or Hinata bashing (I hate Hinata and everything that stalker slut stands for, unless its like a really fantastic fic with no bullshit) or something Idk. If I ever bash Sasuke, it will never be unreasonable, and will always be within the realm of possibility, unlike...certain fics. *cough cough* Darkness Falls... What? did you guys hear something? it must have been the wind, guys...

I will also never bash Kakashi, even if he is a horrible sensei, he's a good person. *cough cough* Darkness falls again... seriously all these weird wind noises are freaking me out guys. anyways, like I was saying, I won't ever bash Kakashi. People always say he has favoritism for Sasuke, but it's literally just because he wanted to honor Obito because he's an Uchiha, and I never understood that anyways since Naruto is more similar to Obito than Sasuke could ever be.

Another thing I hate are those corny, retarded, edgy, trying way to hard to be interesting and or emotional in your stories but failing altogether Hime/Princess lines. "My Hinata-hime, my beautiful indigo haired, milky eyed big tittied, elegant but dangerous horny, creepy stalker, also lemme just unreasonably hate on that pink trash can Sakura real quick just because I can (also because I'm retarded)-hime *literal 12 year old proceeds to pull out Konoha sized dick and fuck every single female in the elemental nations. UUGHHHHHHHHH!!! I JUST THREW UP IN MY MOUTH! JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY YOU INCEL!!!

(: Ok moving on!

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