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[ima slash, gash, cut another hole in ya ass, spill blood on da walls and play tennis wit ya balls. If the phone rings dont answer my call, gonna slit ya throat fuck you like a goat, peel ya fore skin off and make a winter coat... peace]

(P- is for Perfection, this series still endures. E- is for its Excellence, like wine it still matures. R- for Revolutionary, the parody still lasts F- is for how Fucked we feel, knowing we’ll never see Bojack. E- is for Eternal, like a child I’ll keep rewatching C- is for the Champions, Team Four Star keeps it popping! T- is the last letter but I shouldn’t leave it blank, because like this series, it shouldn’t end here, so for now, I’ll just say, Thanks!)

Perfect Cell Song Lyrics

P is for 'Priceless', the look upon your faces
E is for 'Extinction', all your puny races
R for 'Revolution', which will be televised
F is for how f*ked you are, now allow me to reprise

E is for 'Eccentric', just listen to my song
C is for 'Completion', that I've waited for so long!
T is for the 'Terror', upon you I'll bestow...

My name is Perfect Cell. And I'd like

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