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Hello, and Welcome to my Profile!


I aspire to one day be a writer myself and my fics allow me to test all sorts of ideas while working on my prose. Writing is a journey, and sometimes one has to write badly before they can write well. Or so I tell myself.

I will be posting some more one-shots and short multi-chapter fics in the future, but that sort of thing is completely random. My priority is to finish work on Level 1 and then go from there.


I have mostly good news on the writing front. The remaining chapters for Level 1 of the Game of Death are nearly done. But I could not restrain myself from starting the rewrite, so you can expect to see some shadow updates happen sometime in the near future. Update: The shadow updates are complete through chapter 12.

Over the course of writing the fic I had multiple chapter ideas which never panned out but are, in my mind, canon. For one reason or another I just was not able to fit them into the story. So I think that after I finish working on Level 1 I will polish these ideas, flesh them out, and spin them off into a separate story which will be released in between Level 1 and Level 2. They will follow characters like Sirius, Ginny, Hermione, Dora, and Fleur. Harry might make an appearance or two, but the focus will be off of him.

I've also begun writing two other fics that were rather insistent within my brain. One is a satire fic featuring Luna Lovegood as the host of a show whose goal is to lampoon various subjects. No idea when this will be released, however, as I want to have a sizeable stable of chapters before I post anything. The other fic is a Yu Yu Hakusho story which centers on Yusuke Urameshi when he finally dies for good; in it, he has been asked by Koenma to be the first soul in a new afterlife. Only things go terribly wrong and all of reality collapses. This story will be told almost entirely from Yusuke's P.O.V. and, despite being grand in scale, will be simple in execution. Because as anyone who has seen the series knows, YYH solves everything with fighting tournaments lol. This fic has only just begun to be written and is super low on my priorities, though, so it could be a year or three before it gets posted.

Beyond that I hope that everyone out there has had a good start to 2021 and that ya'll get the Covid-19 vaccine ASAP!

Ta ta for now!

Writing Challenges:

There are a few ideas which have been banging around my head for awhile that I would like to share. They are stories which I would love to see done but, for one reason or another, do not feel that I could write. If someone ever takes one of them up I would gladly offer my services as an aid for either brainstorming ideas or as a beta (depending upon my available time).

Naruto: A Demon’s Touch Challenge – Write a fic where the 9 bijuu are supernatural entities along the lines of a traditional mythology (Greek, Egyptian, Japanese, Norse, Hindu, whichever you prefer), and those who contain them are both feared and respected as their earthly representatives. Can be either completely AU or partially AU. NaruSaku, NaruIno, or NaruSakuIno pairings preferred.

Yu-Gi-Oh: King of Harems Challenge – Write a fic where either Atem or Yugi (or, if they currently share a body, both) create a harem. It can be either post-series or in series. It must feature the shadow games in some way and have no slash in the main pairings (side-pairings is acceptable).

Code Geass: The Game of Kings – Write a fic where Lelouch gains the ability to see the world as a game - but not as a chess game! XD The game can take the form of either an RPG or a Dating Simulator, whichever one you would prefer. One of the villains must also have access to the same power or one which is similar to it. Can be set in a completely AU world or at any point in the series. Must feature KallenxLelouch and not have SuzakuxEuphemia.

Pairings that I Like:

Harry Potter:

HarryxHermione- If I'm reading a HP fic then this has to be in it. Back in the day I used to be on team Hinny. Now I sail on the good ship Harmony. It is such a painful disappointment that this was not made cannon.

HarryxFleur- She's smart, drop dead gorgeous, skilled and has a background that stands out from the rest of the female cast. A good writer can take her character and make a great story with it.

HarryxGinny- It's canon. It's my original HP ship. And you know what? I still like it. Ginny is a good character, whose enduring care for Harry finally knocks him over the head and wins the day.

Thank goodness for Harem/Multi fics


AshxMisty- Nothing else but this. She is the only girl who keeps coming back to Ash and the only one he keeps seeing again. They challenge each other and make one another better. Hell to the yes for Pokeshipping!

Fairy Tail:

NatsuxErza- Gosh should this be canon. The entire first part of FT up through the Tower of Heaven Arc (and even somewhat beyond) just screams this pairing. In my head Natsu needs a tough woman to keep him engaged and in line, and Erza fits that bill perfectly. It does not hurt that they are adorable together as well.

NatsuxWendy- I'll preface this by saying that it needs to be an older Wendy. Or at a point in time where she has gone through puberty and grown up. But the two of them are cute together, and who better to love a dragon-slayer than another dragon-slayer?

Yu Yu Hakusho:

YusukexBotan- Not canon in the least, but damn if the potential isn't there. It doesn't even have to contradict the canon pairing either since both Yusuke and Botan will be alive long after Keiko has passed away; any stigma over having a second marriage after the death of a spouse is just stupid. Besides, the two clearly care for one another, work well together, and have gone through thick and thin by each other's side. If that isn't a good basis for a long lasting relationship then I don't know what is.

Mahou Sensei Negima!:

NegixChisame- One of the few good things about UQ Holder was the declaration that THIS is the canon shipping of Negima. She and Negi are adorable together and make each other better people. He brings her outside of her comfort zone, showing her that there is more to life than what she can see on a screen. Meanwhile she reminds him that there are people in the world who need him just to be him, and that he cannot solve the world's issues by sacrificing his life and happiness for it.

NegixEva- One of the other few good things about UQ Holder was when they made this a canon ship for the UQ Holder universe (UQ's MC can keep the other girls and form a harem from them; Eva's spoken for dangit). And the way they did it even made sense! I could not help but shout out in joy. These two immortals are absolutely perfect for one another, and for one of the few times in my shipping life I can say that I am highly pleased with the outcome of things.

DanMachi/Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon:

BellxLyu- This pairing has it all for me. A main character following the traditional heroic journey? Check. A gorgeous, badass warrior woman/mage with a will of iron and a heart of gold? Check check. Tons of action, adventure, and fluff scenes shared between them? Triple check! I enjoy everything about each of the characters and dearly hope that their pairing becomes canon.

BellxAiz- I find this pairing fascinating. It's rare to see a powerful female warrior set as 'the goalpost' which much be surpassed (and not be reduced to 'I'm a good looking gal now love me' type of nonsense) for the main character of a male oriented series, but Aiz has done a great job in the role. She is subtly complex, with an intriguing background that has yet to be fully revealed, while the relationship between the two is constantly evolving for the better as the series progresses.

BellxMikoto- Yeah, this pairing will never happen. I know that. But it's still fun to dream. Mikoto is a sexy ninja type character who packs a serious punch, and she gets along great with Bell. The two also seem to have great synergy when doing things together, which is always a plus for any romantic relationship.

BellxLiliruca- I enjoy this one mainly because I enjoy Lili as a character, and because I always want to root for the underdog. Of all the girl's pursuing Bell, she is in the most awkward position; the other girls are either A) More 'mature' looking, or B) have more 'power' (be it fighting power or metaphorical power as in Hestia's case). I would be quite happy to see her grab Bell by the scruff of his neck and blow his mind someday. Because that's probably what she would have to do in order to get through his thick skull.

Star Wars:

Obi-WanxSiri- Growing up, this pairing felt so natural that I never questioned it. The two of them complemented one another perfectly and were a pure joy to read.

Stargate SG-1:

JackxSam- This is probably the origin for a great many of my shipping preferences, a truth which I only realized years after originally watching it air. This is an odd bedrock sci-fi pairing where the two people involved never 'officially' get together, yet it is still considered the canon pairing. Sam is brilliant, tough, and passionate. Jack is tough, snarky, and reserved. They have two very different personalities and yet click on so many levels. Damn the show's producers for teasing us and only ever giving the fans 'partial' conclusions.

Fate Stay Night:

ShirouxSaber- Talk about being on the same wavelength. These two are both a wonderful pairing and a tragic one. It is great because they understand and support one another. It's tragic because the character flaws which lead to their respective bad endings are what enables them to get along so well.

ShirouxRin- One of the better tsundere pairings in all of anime/gaming. She kicks his butt and keeps him grounded, all while working to save him from himself. Meanwhile he keeps her tethered to humanity and a more empathic view of people. The two click on so many levels.

ShirouxRinxSaber- God do I wish that the UBW's series had taken the 'Good' ending from the game. The three of them balance each other out and form one helluva kickass team to boot.

Neon Genesis:

ShinjixRei- One of the things I adored in the Rebuild franchise is how they made this possible and ran with it. Thank you!

ShinjixAsuka- I used to hate Asuka as a character. But then she grew on me.

2008 BBC Merlin:

MerlinxMorgana- Good and evil. Opposites attract. This was all that jazz and more. The show's writers and producers totally teased this ship. Ugh!

Avatar: The Last Airbender:

AangxToph- Hard vs soft. Not even close to being canon, but it appeals to me. Their opposing natures make for a fun and engaging mixture.

AangxAzula- Talk about not even being close to canon. This is definitely a crack pairing, but I love it anyway. The idea of a crazy Azula either luring Aang to her side or being redeemed by him just makes for a wonderful dynamic.

Ah! My Goddes:

KeichixBelldandy- This has got to be the most beautiful pairing in manga or anime history. Seriously. They don't have to slay dragons or save the world to express their love for one another. It is shown in every moment they are together. In the commitment and respect that they have for one another. It is purely beautiful.

Mass Effect:

ShephardxTali- I've made full completionist playthroughs of ME1, ME2 and ME3 more than 5 times each. Whenever I did a male Shepard I always did two things: Kill Kaidan (although I did this as FemShep too) and romance Tali. She's fun, amusing, and loyal as hell. She and Garrus are the only ones who stuck by Shepard's side for the entire story. And just like Garrus is Shepard's best bud (end of story), Tali deserves to be Shepard's love.

Code Geass:

LelouchxKallen- One of my favorite all time pairings. They just complete each other so well, both on and off the battlefield. Kallen brings him up short and out of his funks. Lelouch keeps her focused and down to Earth when chaos is exploding all around them. Combined the two are basically unstoppable. They are, and forever will be, each other's Queen and King.

LelouchxEuphemia- I hate myself for enjoying this pairing. I really do. But it works. It just does. And now I'm going to go and bang my head against the wall for even admitting it.

Tenchi Muyo:

TenchixSasami- They look cute together and have fun. Both are hard workers who constantly support one another. And the mutual attraction is definitely there.

TenchixWashu- This is possibly the source of my love for crack pairings. It's hard to beat out "will you be my guinea pig" as an opening pickup line. Gosh are they amusing to watch.

Gundam Seed:

KiraxLacus- How can anyone possibly hate this couple? They are caring, supportive, understanding of one another, and are mature enough to let the other go into danger without saying things like "no, you can't leave me like this" or "I can't live with the idea that you could get hurt." Theirs is a strong and mature relationship that only gets better with time.


NarutoxSakura- It's fun, nice, and just makes sense to me. I liked Sakura as a character and how her relationship with Naruto grew and changed over time. It felt organic and natural. Plus, Naruto stated from day one that he would achieve every dream he had and catching Sakura was definitely one of them. Damn you Kishimoto!

NarutoxIno- There's just something about the two which makes me laugh and enjoy it. Ino has a quirky sense of humor in canon, and it's often fun to see what happens when a spoiled princess falls in love with the uncultured village pariah.

Fullmetal Alchemist:

EdxWinry- This might be the second most beautiful pairing in manga and anime after that of Ah My Goddess. Ed and Winry are cute. They just balance one another so well. And each character undergoes fantastic growth throughout the series. Few pairings have ever felt quite as organic as this one.


XellossxFilia- They were so much fun on screen together in Slayers Try. And being two nearly immortal creatures on opposing sides of an ancient conflict adds a little spice to things.

Ranma 1/2:

RanmaxShampoo- This one is just full of potential. Two of the best martial artists of their generation, each possessing similar dreams and aspirations, with the ability to challenge each other throughout the rest of their lives.

RanmaxUkyo- The two are solid friends. Something that is very underrated when it comes to love. Having that as a firm foundation could make any love which grew between them last for the rest of their lives.

Fare thee well!


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