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Naruto Percy Uzumaki PM
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Sup guys i'm Naruto im in the naruto, percy jackson, harry potter, carmen sandeigo , httyd ,avengers, smca fandom and im a teen im also in wattpad my username in it is Kirito-Yui-Asuna and i love fall out boys and im alot like percy jackson and naruto uzumaki, abridged kirito, kira, natsu

i have brown hair with black and blonde highlights with amber brown eyes im also pretty tall i love wearing my naruto t-shirt ,black ripped jeans and combat boots with fingerless black leather gloves and black leather jacket while going out in winters and in home a blue sweatshirt with black sweatpants and bare foot in winter and i wear dennim shorts and a red tank top with addias shoes and in home i wear a blue top with grey shorts barefoot in summer i also love rain and love to read fanfictions

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