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My novel, BETWEEN (under the pen name L. L. Starling) with illustrations by Pika-la-Cynique (Rebecca Morse) and cover art by Louisa Gallie! (squee!) has been unleashed!

It's available on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited, ebook, and paperback format and as a paperback on most online stores (gah, so exciting...)

Here is the blurb:

A bewitching, fiendishly funny cautionary tale about the perils of gatecrashing fairy tale kingdoms—particularly ones with drunken unicorns, bored dragons, and sorcerers in tight, leather pants.

Sasha Pierce hasn’t had a single dream since she was a child…

... until she accepts a substitute teaching position in the charmingly witchy village of Old Middleton. Her first dream in twenty-five years ought to be enchanting, but her wonder quickly turns to shock when she realizes that it’s not a dream at all, but an entirely different sort of magic. Catapulted into the fairy tale kingdom of Between through an ancient portal, Sasha’s astonishment is swiftly upgraded to panic when she accidentally performs a supposedly impossible feat and is declared the True Queen of Between … and betrothed to its infuriatingly handsome sorcerer-king.

Lorn, Shadow King of Between, is desperate to break free from Between’s clutches. Magically tethered to the ramshackle kingdom, he wages a daily battle to save his disreputable subjects from rampaging magical creatures, sinkholes, and catastrophes of the distressingly lethal variety. To avoid an early grave, he needs an escape plan, not a wife...until he learns that this magicless mortal holds the key to his freedom.

Unwilling to leave her world to accept the crown—or the husband—Sasha must race against the clock to disentangle herself from this fairy tale. But her empty throne leaves a dangerous rift between their worlds. As dark forces descend upon Old Middleton, the two must make a choice: work together or unleash fairytale chaos upon their realms.

It's filled with feisty, fairytale-savvy heroines, swoon-worthy sorcerers, slow burn romance, morose minotaurs, bawdy witches, terrible elf poetry, DOOM! and Rosalinda's cousin, Endora the chicken.

To find out more about it, join me on Facebook (@llstarlingwriter) or Instagram (@llstarling). Come for the writing updates, stay for the pictures of my chihuahuas. Or the other way around (no judgment).

I just want to thank you all--yes, YOU, the person reading this!--for reading my work and reviewing it, both on ffnet and deviantArt. Whenever my inspiration dried up, whenever my Muse knee-capped me and ran off laughing, you guys managed to review and kept me going. You guys are my heroes. HEROES! You fill me with glitter and adrenaline.

So, not to make this awkward, but I love you (in a platonic, non-adult-type fashion). And if you're having problems writing your masterpiece, let me know. We struggling art folk need to procrastinate together. So much procrastination...

Keep being you, awesome people. Keep being you... xx

My Fine Feathered Friend was initially inspired by an awesome piece of fanart by Pika-la-Cynique entitled 'Envy'. For some odd reason, this site has disabled external links (why? WHY!? Oh the betrayal), but you can see the picture in all its glory in my deviant art account (lixxle dot deviantart dot com). I took one look at those goblins and fell for their deviant ways. I decided then and there that I wanted some deviant goblins of my very own. If you look very closely, you can see Skeep...

On my deviantart page, I've bookmarked lots of brilliant pictures of Skeep by Mercuralis, Colette Lunsford, JarethsGenevieve and shii.

The Gift That Keeps Giving is a three-shot (if that's a term) inspired by Mercuralis's magnificently sexy pic of the King "You Know You Want It" (also on deviantart). Chapter 3 contains a dangerous number of crotch references. And leather. Leather crotch for all...

Of Pineapples and Kings is a Halloween tale that is pure crotch-crack (i.e., crackfic-esque with crotch elements). Jareth goes trick-or-treating. Sarah gropes him. A good time is had by all.

Christmas Pretty is a Christmas sequel to 'My Fine Feathered Friend' based on the squee-a-licious pic of the same name by Pika-la-Cynique.

For those who were wondering about my icon...it comes from a pic that Pika-la-Cynique made just for me! YEAHHHYY! Check it out on my deviantart page.

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