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Hmmm...how to describe me? I am chronologically an adult but don't hold me to it. I was turned onto to fanfiction a few years ago and have since found it to often have some of the most consistently excellent writing I have read in years. I am currently obsessed with the show Supernatural, specifically the character of Dean Winchester however I have a curious blend of "low brow" and "high brow" interests. I am a total Otaku anime buff and enjoy Sci-fi/fantasy. I have season tickets to the ballet but love a good hockey game and can get completely caught up in March Madness when NCAA basketball rolls around. My musical tastes range all over the board though I have some resistance to country music and reggae for some reason, don't ask. I don't write fanfiction but will sacrifice sleep to read up on my favorite authors' latest masterpiece. Now excuse me while I roll up my sleeves and get to the good stuff. There, me in a nutshell. Ciao!

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