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To all the people who had an alert to my only story, I sincerely apologize for updating for... (checks calendar) WTF! 2 YEARS?! OMG, sorry will definitely not cut it! I had tons of writers block, procrastinated, buried in school work, started to get new interests, etc. If your wondering if I'll still update The Gem of Darkness, I'll try my best cause like I said, I've found new interests. Plus I might post new stories in the near future so please be patient with me! :) Any who... here's my new profile:





LIKES: Anime, Manga, Great movies, a bit of Yuri (not the bad kind!), Chocolates, Reading and Making FF, ETC.

DISLIKES: Yaoi, Weird pairings, Fave characters dying (NOOOO! KAMINA WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE?! AND ON EPISODE 7?!), Bad people, Corruption PERIOD!

*NOTE: I would just like to say that I have absolutely nothing against Yaoi. There is a difference between dislike and hate. I respect that there are people who are into this. However, expect that I will avoid reading Yaoi at all costs.


- Naruto

- Bleach

- One Piece

- Shina Dark

- Erementar Gerad / Elemental Gelade


- Air Gear

- Yu - Gi - Oh! (The 1st one and GX)

- The World God Only Knows

- Omamori Himari

- Pandora Hearts

- Deadman Wonderland

- Euruka 7

- Digimon

- Pokemon

- Sengoku Basara

- Code Geass

- Soul Eater

- Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

- MxO

- Drifters

- Swot

- World Embryo

- Taboo-Tatoo

- Medaka Box

- Paradox Blue

- and many more!


- Kingdom Hearts (although all I was able to play was 1)

- God of War

- Last Stand 1 & 2 (online games)

- Sonny (online game)

-Well, that's it. Not much of a gamer cause my PS2 broke down years ago and I don't have a PS3. :(


Anything as long as it doesn't suck or isn't Yaoi like:



- Roxion

- SorKai

- Kaisara

- CouRen

- SuzaEuphie

- TUni

- OzAlice

- Taiora

- TaiMi

- SoulMaka

- SteinMarie

- and many more! (AGAIN! XD)

Some Quotes:

I'm not dead you idiot! Err... dragon warrior. - Shifu

Good friends are hard to find, harder to make, and impossble to forget. - Anonymous

Ganta's surrounded by idiots! - Shiro

I think sacrificing yourself is dumb. I mean think about it, what good is giving your loved ones a new start if you leave them in pain? - Anonymous

Knowing is half the battle. - G.I. Joe

D'oh! - Homer Simpson

Well, excuse me! I am missing part of my head! - Homer Simpson

The boombox is not a toy!! - The Lonely Island - Boombox

Hold the Devil's pot of tea! - Parody of God of War 2 w/ lyrics (check it out in Newgrounds)

I must admit, your plan is one of the best - and I'm sure someone or something could fall for a girl like you... but baby... I just love blowing you Shadowscythe more! - Braddock Steele

Soon, the version of me with the most potential will arrive. - TYL Tsuna

Get your game on! - Jaden (ENG Dub)

It's ok when it's a 3-way! - The Lonely Island - 3-way

My Personal List of Heart Stoppers

(Disclaimer: Not to be eaten by anyone with health problems or daily by those who don't. Seriously guys, you don't need more burden in your lives.)

1. KFC's Double Down

2. Zark's Deep Fried Burger, Jawbreaker, and Tombstone

3. Nearly (or maybe everything) shown in Epic Meal Time.

4. American food

More to come when I encounter any!

NOTE: This profile is still (and will always be) incomplete. I'll add more when I feel like it.

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