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Joined Feb '08

Ah~ haven't been here in ages!

I started this account when I was 13! and I'm close to 16 now O_O wow,3 years pass faaast~ I feel old~ xD Hm,I live in Israel but I'm not really Jewish. I mean,my family is but I think religions are dumb...so I'm an atheist...I guess Oo

Hmm...basically I don't like my writing as much as I like my drawings...meaning,I hate my fanfics XD but I want to put my ideas to words so I have to write xD

I have a dA,here: http:// if you guys want to see some of my stuff...I'm kinda proud of some of those :D

I started a manga in dA called "PLAY!" so there might be a slight chance I'll post some fanfics of these here later~ when I'll make something like 20 pages or something XD

Well,as for my obsessions~ at the moment it's KHR,Southpark,Naruto,Durarara!!,Vocaloid,Oofuri and alot more~ I'm more into shonen then shoujo...though I like Lovely Complex cuz it's a funny shoujo XD

Fandom is awesome~

hmm I dislike...emos. REALLY dislike emos. and I mean real emos,not the wannabe ones meaning those who have that emo style and stuff. I hate the emos who cut themselves and think life is crap. I mean,it is crap smetimes but it's still FREAKING AWESOME! Make the best out of it,stop crying in your fuckin' corner,dying alone! Idiots.

Yes,I really dislike emos _ and as you can see I'm a happy person!! but dudes,I can be too sarcastic and hit you where it hurts xDD coughand I like to cursecough

sorry 'bout that "

Anyway,hope I'll meet some new people! feel free to PM me if you found me interesting XD

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