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ShadowKitsune00 PM
Joined May '21

I go by she/her and they/them pronoun's. Most people don't know that but I have no problem with being identified by another gender.

English isn't my first language, but I like it most of the time more. German is sometimes too confusing, even if it is my mother language.

I'm not really great at writing but I enjoy reading.

I have no problem with pointing out mistakes, even if I sometimes can get sarcastic. Since I'm still in school it can get sometimes really stressful and this is somewhat my coping mechanism. Even if some people say that it is childish and a waste of time, if it isn't a book that exists and isn't written with some mistakes.

Do what you enjoy and not what people always expect you to do. If they really care about you, they will accept you as you are.

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