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Sex: Male
Pronouns: I'm/Him
Gender: Super Mega Ultra Alpha Omega Hyper Male
Age: An adult.
Location: the planet Earth
Likes: gaming, anime, being unnecessarily sarcastic, food, dark humour, chaos
Dislikes: when procrastination hits you like a bus
Favourite games: Dragon Ball FighterZ, Hollow Knight, Spyro (Legend trilogy), Smash Bros, M&L: Bowser's Inside Story, Pokémon Black/White (and their sequels), Megaman Battle Network 3 & 6

Certified Christian.

~~ Current Stories ~~

Masters 8: The Renaissance

Category: Pokémon

Genre: Adventure/Friendship

Rating: T (for violence)

Sarcastic summary: Masters Tournament arc from the Pokémon Journeys anime, but with more action, violence, and strategy. That's it.

Estimated Update Date: Chapter 12 should hopefully come out in Early December.

== Planned Stories ==


Category: Spyro the Dragon

Genre: Hurt/Comfort & Friendship

Rating: T

Sarcastic Summary: Cynder tries too hard to be an angsty gremlin to Spyro & Co. Post-ANB slice of life.

Shackles of Doubt

Category: Spyro the Dragon

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Adventure, & Hurt/Comfort

Rating: T

Sarcastic Summary: Human boyo tries not to look sus in front of Spyro and Cynder. Meanwhile, I fumble my way through a DoTD retelling.

Reviewer Advice: Always be respectful of the writer; writing fanfiction is a hobby, not a job.

If you're going to leave a review, try to be specific about what you liked about the story. Was it the characters? The plot? The dialogue? The writing style? Giving detailed praise will be more encouraging to the author than bland comments. And if you have criticism to leave, always present it respectfully. I recommend getting it out of the way first so you can focus on the positives afterward. Do watch out, as the reception of your criticism may vary. Prepare yourself and react accordingly.

TL;DR: Reviews are made to encourage the writer, so treat them how YOU would want to be treated.

Writer Advice: Write what you want to write, even if it's bad. Fanfiction is a hobby, not a job. If you want to write stories to improve your writing, do it! You can request your readers to give you criticism afterwards. If you have a silly idea in your head, write it! Give it a voice! Write for yourself, then for an audience. The quality of your grammar only matters if you're planning on going pro.

When people give you criticism, always remember that you can disagree with it if it's in direct contradiction with what you're trying to do, and completely ignore it if you feel it has no merit. Never focus on a single critic's opinion; weigh them in balance with the positive feedback.

Some people want to help you; others want to hurt you. And some just want to help themselves. Don't respond with emotions; learn how to tell the difference and react accordingly.

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