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Introduction Song:

My a-dic-tion

My ob-ses-sion

Fan fic-tion

Is my pas-sion

I read it, all day long

All night, still going strong

Can’t tear me

From the screen

Lose myself

In between

Don’t know what’s going on

Don’t notice that time’s gone

Oh-h-h Faann-Fic-tionn

You don’t knooww

What you’ve don-ne

You’ll make a writer out of me-e-e

Something I thought I’d never be-e-e

End song

…Sometimes I have a creative moment. My singing isn’t as good.

Another example of one of my creative moment’s, involves a scene from the TV show ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-air’ where Will was hiding in a basement with his latest girlfriend during an earthquake. He had made up a song on the spot and I came up with a bit of a reaction song to it. I don’t follow that fandom so I’m not going to put this in a story form, (I’m sure songfics aren’t allowed anymore anyway,) and I don’t know how liked it would be:

Will: I'm stuck in a basement, sitting on a tricycle

Girl getting on my nerves

Going out of my mind, I thought she was fine

Don't know if her body is hers

Kathleen: I’m stuck in a basement, sitting on a machine

And feeling like I want to scream

I tried to look good, for you, I never could

Don’t know why you’re acting so mean

Notes about my stories:

I often have a lot of ideas that sound great as a story but I don't commit to finishing them.

Harry Potter's Deathly Playground - ABANDONED if I ever continue this it would be in French because I need to practice communicating in that language.

Actions Speak Louder - ABANDONED

A Regina Henry Forgotten Moment

A modified story told through dialogue that was originally a creative writing class assignment. I considered putting it on here with modified names and ended up with Regina/Henry [Family] since I didn’t think I could make Swan/Queen work without major changes to the original. The original is now on Fiction Press: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3043938/1/Dialogue_Assignment if you’re curious to read it.

I couldn’t decide if it was more poignant with or without her name at the end. Her character would appreciate hearing the new title and it’s the first time the title would’ve been used since she got it so hearing it from her son before just about everyone else would be important to her. On the other hand, I liked that in the original it ended in one word.

About my Profile Avatar:

I chose this picture because I think it represents how I see myself.

There is the one side that is the nice, friendly, helpful, girl who isn’t anything more than that and is too afraid of pain of any kind to acknowledge that it happens and is quite content living in the cocoon she’s been in her whole life in order to maintain that belief.

Then there is the other side who is more...I don’t really know since I haven’t given her a chance to show herself often enough to come up with a decisive description. All I know is that she’s more callous and willing to acknowledge the evil in mankind, she hates the other, more predominant side, and she can’t wait to get on with her life and live like the adult she is instead of continuing to act as a child.

Also, the first side had a self-imposed inferiority complex to compensate for the dangers that come with the superiority complex she fears in the other side.

Notes -to myself if not anyone else- about my Favourite lists:

To qualify as a favourite author, I must have liked the majority of the author’s stories that are in the fandom that I follow (and therefore will know).

To qualify as a favourite story, (at least for now since reviewing only stories I really liked gave way to reviewing every good story especially following reading a bunch of bad stories) in order to prevent a massive amount of stories on the list that would eventually lead to every story I read that I liked a reasonable amount, those on the list of favourites will be the ones that changed my way of thinking about the plot used.

For example (and reasons for it):

A Compromising Situation – I know rape and gang rape is wrong, really I do, and normally I wouldn’t look twice at a story that contained it... but I’m really sorry, I thought this story was too hot and it overrode my usual sensibilities in that area. (Also, Remus is a bad-ass for once and the Marauders don’t seem to like Peter too much.)

There was a story with Tom & Myrtle where Tom sort-of rapes, sort-of seduces Myrtle in her stall some weeks before she died. I can’t find it yet but I’m hoping it hasn’t been deleted because that was the most intriguing and emotionally volatile sex scene I have seen, especially between those two.

No Sense of Humor – Female!Snape successfully seducing the Marauders (first kiss was with James, first shag with Remus but for a while let Sirius think he was first, all for revenge). Also each of the 7 chapters had the phrase ‘no sense of humor’ within it.

Oh God Not Again – I will never think of a ‘Harry redoes his Hogwarts years this time with memories of the future’ story the same way again.

Boy Who Lived – I will never think of a better ‘Harry raises Tom’ story. (Merope’s there too!)

One Year – A damn good ‘Hogwarts from Remus’ perspective and (nearly, minus one mistake that only fanatics may notice) completely canon though it only spans the first year.

Never Wished To See You Like This – Only 'Tom/Voldemort meets his mother after becoming who he is and finds out she loves him but doesn’t like what he’s become' (especially when he could have done so much good or something) story. Yeah, basically the idea is something I would have thought but wouldn’t have thought to imagine writing.

Hello My Name Is Norbert(a) – Already an example of favouriting what I really like and don’t want to risk losing even if it didn’t change my thinking. One of the few ‘Harry’s method of doing the first task’ stories I’ve found. [Another story relating to the first task involves a Drarry slash that has Harry keeping the model dragon and yet another story has Harry using parseltongue to talk to the dragon (advice of using what makes him unique –or something along those lines– given by the fake!Mad Eye Moody. I should look for those links to see if I'll add them to the list (though FFN is large so it will take some time).]

Golden – Another example of favouriting what I really like and don’t want to risk losing even if it (possibly (?)) didn’t change my thinking. Teddy was so precious in how he defended his father’s rights without knowing that’s what he was doing.

The Secret of Friendship - In this story was a mention of the Caucuses mountains which when I quickly Googled, lead me to an article about white people being descended from Africans which goes well with what I already understand of the 'Out of Africa' theory. As far as this story itself goes, I loved how this author showed how Clark could lie through misdirection and have it simultaneously the truth. I am awed by anyone who has the ablity to manipulate perception to this degree and also I have literally spent 2 hours laughing at all the Albino Africans that probably think they're not African. Those are the reasons why this story is here! (And if this entry shows me to seem a bit wired, it's because I'm still laughing.)

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