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Hello, I'm a person who just enjoys fanfictions and happily want to make more and more stories and such due to my overflowing and ever-moving imagination and wanting to do with my life and more and since I'm young I can enjoy my work especially since I really really really really really really need to make this stories from my own mind and SINCE THIS WEBSITE IS KNOWN TO UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATION I have decided to make that count even if I have worked on some of my favorite fanfiction and read on a lot of them to count as well. Since I'm no different I'll work on it and such Especially since I've wanted to make stories like this ever since I was 3 years old or something. I'm a CRAZY DISNEY FAN, POWER RANGERS FAN, SUPER SENTAI OTAKU, and CARTOON PERSON. Nuff Said and such. ALSO, I'm a MARVEL COMICS fan. ALSO, I AM A AVID ANIME FAN Because when it comes to new Anime, I would need some time and a little more figuring out around the new anime complexes of this experience too. so I'm trying to get the hang of this experience to a whole amount of understanding behind it too.

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