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"Life is a thing of mixed joys and sorrow We touch upon them both thoughout our treak down the void of life,we are given a rare chance by god,or whatever force fills our heart with life,the chance to expereince the greatest gift we could be given...

Yet the gift has a cost...For each measure of joy there must be a shadow of sorrow for the love in our hearts we must know the hate,sometimes the bad outmatches the good,and in that scenario we are scared by life,Yet with love,scars do fade...the end" --Rex(me)

"I am an unquenchable fire"

"The center of all energy"

"I am truth and light"

"I hold the power and glory in my sway"

"My presence"

"Disperses dark clouds"

"I have been choose"

"To Tame the fates"

"I am the dragoon!"

-Legend Of The Dragoon


ReKu:I do not own Digimon Or Final Fantasy Character etc. My Hobbie is to read fictional stories,play video games,play football,surf the net and many more:) Well I think I'm discontinuing Final Fantasy:D3 Style ,Its kinda hard for me to continue with all the stuff that is bothering me and I just need to find a inspiration for me to continue what I have started...well fanfiction deleted my stories so I dont know if I will continue it...

Petition for "No Yaoi/Yuri" filters

The funny thing about fanfiction, is that fanfiction begets more fanfiction.

The quality of those tales sparks inspiration in the hearts and minds of those who read, and glimpse not just what the author wanted to say, but a few answers welling up from the hidden recesses of their own souls.

Bad fanfiction is every bit the killer of inspiration and spark as good fanfiction is the fertilizer of more tales.

It is with a heavy heart that I admit that my joy in fanfiction has been stifled, stunted, and outright strangled by the vast majority of the fiction being propagated.

Personally, there are things I just don't want to see.

The fact that Naruto-Sasuke is the single most popular pairing of ANY sort in Naruto fanfiction is one of them.

In Harry Potter, the same goes for Harry/Draco and Harry/Snape. This two pairings are in fact TIED and outnumber any other pairings outside of Harry/Ginny ones.

The real trouble, of course, is the filters. The filters can search for what you want- but they can't exclude what you DON'T.

I intensely wish there was a means by which to eliminate yaoi from your search results, because frankly, of all pairings I can encounter I most especially don't want to imagine two boys- especially prepubescent boys, which is traversing the distance from merely unpleasant to down right perverse and reprehensible, in my mind- becoming sexually involved with one another. And I say this because it just DOESN'T appeal to me. And so when I start leafing through the fics on the front page, it becomes increasingly apparent that ff dot net is not losing, but has completely LOST the war against lemon fics, considering how many of them openly proclaim Yaoi and Lemon in the descriptors.

So work with us here- please, for the love of writing, PLEASE add a filter that excludes Yaoi. For the love of GOD.

Or else, all the good writers who don't write yaoi are going to leave- and there are a lot more GOOD writers who WON'T write yaoi, then there are who DO.

If you agree with this rant, copy and paste this into your profile- and email a complaint to ff dot net regarding the lack of so necessary a tool.

Signed, AXENOME and, *Add your name here*

Signed AXENOME and KUR0KISHI ,Akira Strider

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