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I prefer to read Powerful and Intelligent Harry Potter and not to metion, Independent, the Harry Potter that would stand up for himself in a sort of cool way. This version of Harry Potter usually comes out in fics with Manipulative Dumbledore in it so I prefer to read that.

I usually avoid stories with Good Dumbledore, not because I hate Dumbledore, but because the story usually ends up looking like Dumbledore manipulates Harry, and the worst thing is it doesn't seem to bother Harry which then makes him look weak and dependent to Dumbledore, which is another thing I hate. Although I can make an exception if the story fit my tastes and has a really good plot.

I also avoid fics with the annoying bookworm Hermione as Harry's friend. It's alright if its Hermione bashing though, because I can immediately ignore it after reading the fic. But this version of Hermione as Harry's bestfriend ruins both their characters in my mind. Don't get me wrong I love Hermiome, but I hate this version of Hermione because it ruins her image.

I love Harry and Ginny pairings, but I hate it when it's combined with Weak Harry, Good Dumbledore but still looks manipulative, and annoying bookworm Hermione as bestfriend.

I'm pretty open with all pairings as long as it is executed beautifully, except for slash - not that I have anything against them but I prefer to avoid those stories.

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