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An Australian Xenosaga fan appears--!

I've been writing for seven months so far, and I'm enjoying every bit of it.

I am currently working on my first longfic Dichotomy, and my first series Asideon's Edge.

Xenosaga was the first complex series I got into besides Final Fantasy, it's just so interesting to learn and even if you know all about the lore, people have such cool concepts and ideas, head canons fan-canons.

The reason why I'm here:

I strongly believe that, fanfiction as a whole is about the community the connection, between reader and writer.

I believe that we are meant to learn from each other, to learn from our mistakes and to ultimately enjoy what we love to write and read in our spare time.

Fanfiction is a gifted craft, it's so awesome how we can share what we love to write without being judged for it. It's seriously awesome.

No matter what you write, you will be accepted here. No matter how bad you are, we all improve in time. So if you're a newbie like me reading this. Don't be sad. :)

Most of my stories are on AO3, when finished Dichotomy will be posted here.

My Current Projects:

Dichotomy (Xenosaga) M *A three part story, long-fic trilogy Slightly NSFW.* (M/M F/F M/F)

Anamnesis (Xenosaga) T *Fluff mixed with some angst*

Recommendations: (These guys are really amazing!)

Please note: In regards to sending feedback: If you have a complaint or a suggestion, please write to me via dm- not in a review.

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