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Hi--and thanks for visiting!

I'm not sure what to really put in this profile that would be in the least bit interesting, but by way of introduction, here is a little vague bit about myself. I live in Wisconsin, and only discovered fanfic in early 2008. I am a pretty big fan of Hardcastle and McCormick--and the talented actors who brought them to life. As a newlywed when the show originally aired, it was all about "Mark." Then, as I matured, it was all about the Judge.'s Lt. Harper. For the record, it was never about the car. Just great acting, great on-screen chemistry, and pure fun.

I'm so glad to have the characters live on, and this phenomenon of fan fiction is so very interesting. It gives me a break from a somewhat stressful but very rewarding profession, and gives me something else to read and write other than research articles!

I hope to write more, and I certainly invite any and all feedback. Encouragement is great, but constructive criticism works, too!

Thanks for stopping by :-)


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