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It's All A Game

It's the metal age of the generation where everyone walks around with some kind of gun in their hand. The government's wasting money on experiments and the world is in total chaos. What happens when Sakura one of the last sane human beings on the earth teams up with a cyborg, a genetically enhanced human, and a runaway militant to try to save their world from the chaos it's already in?

Three Strike & It's Over

"It was either this or jail, so don't ask me what I want to do." Meet Uchiha Sasuke, a 22 year old guy who has the choice of either joining a military institute or going to jail for 7 years. Meet Haruno Sakura, his lovely, drill sergeant who's obviously trying to kill him.

Welcome to the Dollhouse

[AU] Having his track overcome by some place called the Dollhouse was just too much for his pride. 23-year-old Uchiha Sasuke goes to the new racetrack called Dollhouse to challenge the owner on the streets of Konoha. The outcome? Either he joins the owner's crew if he loses or he gets his racetrack back if he wins. Too bad the owner's a masked racer who goes by the name Red Butterfly.

Intertwined Destinies

The Great War that happened 33 years ago was still trying to be repaired, even though some people wanted it to happen again. When a boy with no special talent, a girl with no past, and a professional thief are given the task of preventing this what happens when they set off on their journey to prevent the Second Great War?

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