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Haunted Girl - a very short one-shot featuring a young Anne with Matthew Cuthbert.

A Fine Prize - short one-shot: Young Anne makes eel for a blind dish auction at church and has a craving for eel later in life. This story was originally published under the title, Spitched-Eel for Anne.

The Not-So-Secret Engagement - short one-shot: Anne and Gilbert do a terrible job keeping their engagement a secret: Davy steals the show.

Being a Blythe - I updated the summary to say "On Hiatus". I am actually still working on this but my employer requires 5-13 hours of overtime out of me every week and I'm mentally fried by the time I get to writing. It is super difficult to write when you're head feels like a bowl of jello pudding. I have two days off for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, so I am hoping I get more done then.

(WIP) What if being a Blythe was more than being ambitious and good looking? What if it meant being part of the supernatural world too? The story starts at the end of Anne of the Island and ends right around the time of Jem's birth, you'll find Gilbert dealing with Blythiness as he's never done before, all because of Anne. Also, will feature Katherine Brooke, Davy Keith, Dora Keith, Mrs. Rachel Lynde, Miss Marilla Cuthbert. My original characters include Gilbert's lesbian cousin, Helen; his roommate at school, obstetrician extraordinaire, Eugene Felder. I am hoping to wrap this one up in June 2019 June 2020.

I love reviews--but please be kind! If you are a writer too, and you leave a review, I will probably come to your fic and return the favor. I am an amateur writer whose love for an idea is not equal to the discipline of writing. Writing can be quite difficult and I'll generally always take the time to review the stories I read in appreciation for the author's effort.

To anyone considering writing a Fan Fiction, I highly encourage it! AOGG is an extremely nice and supportive place to try your hand at creative writing. But don't write by the seat of your pants are you'll end up with a never-ending story. Take your time and write an outline first! I have now learned my lesson! Oh, the time and energy I might have saved! Also, I recommend a beta reader to help. When I started writing for AOGG I knew no one, so I didn't bother trying to ask anyone.

Upcoming ideas.

1. Anne and the Story Club Story Thief: (This idea is delayed until BaB is done--but, I am working on the outline here and there.)

I want to write an Anne/Gilbert story set very, very loosely in the timeline of the Sullivan Movies, especially, "Anne, The Sequel". There will be some romance in the story but the main event will be about letting go of the past and moving forward. I will start thinking hard about this come June 2020. I hope to knock out an outline somewhere before November 2020 and join Nanowrimo and write it all in one shot, although I will post in chapters as a WIP at some point in 2021.

2. More Being a Blythe (working title)

Vignettes of the Blythe family as it grows set within the AU world of Being a Blythe. I might be able to start this before completing Being a Blythe once I get past a certain point and I'm not risking spoilers.

On that note--If you need a spoiler, I will generally tell you. I can't always promise it, but I love chatting up the ideas.

3. Crossover (no title)

I was challenged to write a crossover and I'm considering doing a Highlander/AoGG cross with Ruby Gillis as the immortal. Mind you, that's about all I have.

4. Being a Keith

I get that Davy and Dora Keith probably aren't everyone's cup of tea the way LMM wrote them. But to me, they are skeleton characters that needed a lot of fleshing out. I've developed a storyline for both of the twins the will extend beyond Being a Blythe that I hope to turn until its own proper fiction. I will say that Davy's plotline is a lot more intriguing than Dora's, but she's there too.


Disclaimer: As of April 20, 2018, the actress that played Chloe Sullivan was arrested for sex trafficking. The alleged crimes are horrifying. As much as I love Chloe Sullivan, the fictional character, I cannot abide by the actress' alleged criminal behavior. This breaks my heart in ways I cannot describe. Please know that all my stories are about a fictional character, that never did anything wrong but love Clark Kent.*

April 9, 2019 - Has it really taken almost a year for Allison to submit a guilty plea? My disclaimer still holds even if Allison Mack has entered guilty pleas.

In another life, I registered with Fan Fiction to archive my Smallville Fan Fictions. The last episode ran in 2010 and to be honest, I'm done with the show. Although I will always believe that Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan are perfect together, the powers that be determined to follow predictable and boring canon. I have more Clark and Chloe fics on my LiveJournal account and elsewhere on the web. I just did some housecleaning but left a few on Fan Fiction.

For Smallville readers - I am a true Chlarker & Chlois fan. Below are five of my fics you might enjoy if you share this same bent.

1. A Confidante for Kara - It would be helpful for you to refresh yourself with the episode "Cure". This is my longest Smallville fic and probably the most action orientated. I literally used most of the script from this episode and built an entirely new paradigm adding additional scenes. Where Kara fights for what she wants; Clark figures out how much more Chloe means to him; what she could be for him; and Lois gets really, really drunk.

2. The Sun and the Moon - This fic has stood up to the test of time for me. It is one of my personal favorite of my writings. There are many references to the episode "Fracture". Chloe brings Lex back from the dead by use of her meteor powers. However, she dies in the process and then recovers many hours later. Clark helps Chloe get back to herself. The last chapter is from Lana's point of view.

3. Independence Day - A fiction centered around the year before Smallville starts, featuring, of course, Clark, Chloe, and Pete.

4. The Abacus - I really got a lot of love from readers on this one. It's a one shot with a nice little twist. It also has Clark and Chloe as our romantic heroes. [All my SV fics do.]

5. One Wedding, Two Loves - Written before Season 9. Set in the far future, Clark and Chloe's daughter Caryn is engaged to be married.

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