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Hi, I'm Virtuella - well, not really, but it's a cool internet name, you must admit. I am a middle-aged special needs teacher, born and raised in Germany, but transported to Scotland by the lures of Very Attractive Scotsman Who Was Brave Enough To Marry Me. I have two teenage children, theological, political and feminist Views, and a silly tendency to crush on fictional characters. My favourite haunts on ffn are the Discworld and LOTR fandoms.

I have in recent years acquired a fictionpress account, where you can find some of my original writing: https://www.fictionpress.com/u/1018112/Virtuella

A delightful rendition of my OC Angelina has been created by DarkTari and can be seen here: http:///art/Angelina-Winter-121873883 . Thanks so very much, DarkTari!

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