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I am a huge fan of anime and I'm not ashamed to say so.

My favourite manga are: Blue Lock, Oshi no Ko, To Your Eternity, Black Clover, Haikyuu, Noragami, Tokyo Revengers and Gachiakuta

My favourite anime are: Kekkai Sensen, Bungo Stray Dogs, Mob Psycho 100, Blue Exorcist, Bocchi The Rock.

I kind of forgot my other favourites...

My favourite games are: Every Persona Game (Yes that includes 1 and 2. Tatsuya is the best Persona protag!), Naruto Storm 4, Sonic, Pokemon, Ni No Kuni 1 and 2, Twewy Neo.



Danganronpa: Corrupted Hope by SilverMark16 ( Ina Hamamura - Ultimate Revolutionary)

Inhuman Nature by Irwegwert (Amo Thoumeaux - Ultimate Debt Collector)

Despair Project by Zealous Thaumaturge (Eri Minamimoto - Ultimate Mangaka)

Sanctuary Of Talent by CandleFire45 (Adam Faulx - Ultimate Lucky Student)

Fairy Tail

Dragon Hart by RevolutionaryCleo (Luka Avalon - Magical Girl Magic)

No others at the moment :/

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