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--In Loving Memory Of Lyralocke, passed away May 2010. Copy and paste this into your profile to pay your final respects to this amazing author and fellow Avatard.--

She was just an amazing writer that did wonderful things with her work.

Also, I'd like to take the time to wish the best to all of cpneb's other friends and his family. His passing really hit me hard, and he will be missed. Nebster.. we'll keep the Jade going for ya, my friend.

So... I don't actually have any stories, but I enjoy a ton of shows, and always give awesome reviews! At least.. I think they are awesome reviews. Maybe they aren't, I'll leave you guys to be the judge.

I'll probably update this thing more some time, but for now... this is it!

Also, I'm 100% dude. So just in case someone thinks my overuse of emoticons and what not make me seem like a girl, I'm not. I'm a guy, so yeah. Thought I'd clear that up. I tend to use those "D:/:D" faces quite a bit when reviewing, depending on my mood.

Oh yeah! I'm also on Twitter (@katsumaro). This is.. new to me. I'm just mostly following fellow writers/readers of my favorite sorts of fanfiction (Chuck being a big one as of late), so yeah! There's that.

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