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Umm. Hi?

I love reading. I also love anime. Cause why not.

I am nervous. And excited. To upload fan-fiction. (T w T) But then I was like, OH WHAT THE HELL, NO-ONE KNOWS WHO I REALLY AM HERE, I'M USING A FAKE NAME!!!! SO I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT!!!!

So, at the time of writing, my favourite anime is A Certain Scientific Railgun!!! YASS!!!!! Go my OP girls! (ok, not really that OP, so... LOOKS LIKE I CAN MAKE SOME TWEAKS WITH THE POWER OF FAN-FICTION!!!!!)

I hope you (my dear readers, if I'm lucky enough to even get any) enjoy my fan-fiction!!!!!!!


(btw I don't own the images I use. I just love them sooooo much I just gotta. All credit goes to the artists for the wonderful art, of course.)

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