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i love to read BTR (Big Time Rush), Victorious fanfiction. My favorite pairing to read in BTR is KAMES (Kendall and James) and Cargan (Carlos and Logan), but I also like Kenlos (Kendall and Carlos) and Jarlos (James and Carlos) and Kett (Kendall and Jett) even Jagan (James and Logan). My least favorite pairing is Kogan (Kendall and Logan) i just don't like them maybe because two smart people together is boring to me, personalities are too similar. My favorite pairing to read in Victorious is BADE (Beck and Jade), Tandre (Tori and Andre), Cabbie (Cat and Robbie). i do not like any other pairings because Bade is the superior couple, so no Bori (Beck and Tori), no serious Jandre (Jade and Andre) but i like their friendship same for Bat (Beck and Cat. i like Cade (Cat and Jade) friendship and Cat and Tori friendship, but not Jori (Jade and Tori) friendship I like them as rivals.

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