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Hello world!

Ok it is currently 11:30AM on the 11 th of July 2009

I'm an Aussielander living in Queensland. I am between the ages of 0 - 100 (Ok I'll give you a hint...I don't go to school!...grin...) and I just plain love reading! I average around 1,000 A4 pages per day. I haven't published anything as yet but I'm toying with a few ideas. I may publish one day, but I won't until: A) I've finished developing the plot line and B) I have at least 5 chapters complete and 5 in rough draft form.

Other than that I am male. Disabled (I'm just waiting for the day brain transplants become a reality!...LOL) Love reading HP (and most SciFi Fantasy Horror) as can be attested to due to the fact that I currenly have around 1300 HP Fanfics (completed and Works InProgress) residing on my Hard Disk Drive (and Backed up to DVD ROM!) in MS Word 2003 format 1.8GB...Yikes... Oh well, it keeps me out of trouble. I tend to build and update my own computer and currenly it consists of:

Intel 8400 3Ghz Dual Core CPU, 2Gb of Ram, 2 x 750Gb and 1 x 250Gb Hard Disks, Pioneer Lightscribe capable DVD burner, GeForce GT 9600 1Gb Graphics card, 22" LCD monitor, ExpertMouse Trackball, Logitech Sphere True 1.3 Megapixel WebCam, 850W power Supply, Gigabyte motherboard.

I enjoy most genres of HP Fanfiction with a few exceptions that I don't read (and that's just my quirks so no offense to anybody out there!).


Slash in any shape or form. It's sad how many of the stories appearing lately have been in this genre (especially sad as some of the plot lines according to summaries I would be interested in reading if they were not Slash related). Of special annoyance are those stories that don't tell/warn you before you actually read it! (Like I said no offense. I don't care as to what a persons preferences are as I have a brother who is Gay. As long as he's happy then I am happy for him!)

Stories Abandoned/Hiatus with no notice Hey People, I know that life happens, and yes I don't really have any beef with people having a life. My Beef is the fact that you can't take five minutes out of your schedule to post a quick message to state simply on Hiatus for ? give a rough time /month to check back if possible or that story is going to be Abandoned and maybe put up for adoption. At least having notice I can determine how often to check for updates (currently I have 400 odd stories on the go that I check for updates). If computer/internet down how about asking a friend/relative to post or visit an internet cafe... if you think about it the only real excuse for not advising is laziness or death... and I'll just maybe accept death (hey you can always leave a statement for next of kin to post!...LOL) My real pet hate are authors who say they will never abandon and then disappear never to be heard from.

Harry Potter / Severus / Malfoy Sorry folks, no way in hell or AU can I ever see Personal friendly relationships develop between them. These are the type of people you just love to hate.


Relationships: I'm not really biased one way or the other as long as they are well written and logical, by that I mean no first meeting and sudden jumping into bed that happens only in dreams people (or prostitution!) So try to keep it in the realms of reality or with logical progressives steps and reasoning. If I was to pick favourite types would have to lean slightly more towards intelligent girlfriend.

Plot Lines: As I said I don't mind most plot lines as I enjoy variety and it's also a case with most of life in that, one tends to go in phases... ie Fluffy phase, Angst Phase etc... so eventually cover all of them. I do admit to liking The Harry in Azkaban/Revenge driven stories. But also not adverse to Time travel or prodigy types and not to forget the old fashioned humour of which I seem to find rather lacking (that's full length chaptered stories).

Authors: Seel'vor Hlpur Bobmin Know-it-all-Bookworm Clell65619 Belleradh Teddylonglong AndrewsQuill Robst im100HPGWandRWHG Rorschach’s Blot Radaslab

There are many many more Authors that I enjoy these are just a few of the ones that I am currently reading. It is hard to choose favourites as there are so many but these are a few of the Authors that I particularly enjoy due to being well written (at least to me) and/or write consistently good yarns.

I just added the Author Radaslab as I've recently been impressed by reading the wonderful story titled 30 Minutes That Changed Everything

In Closing:

I'd would like to say that my thanks go out to everyone who writes FanFiction. Yes there are badly written ones, yes there are a multitude of spelling and grammatical errors and yes updates can be few and far between, but people, I understand and hope that you will, that life has a way of interupting things. To me there are no bad stories as I understand that for many English is not their native language, and their maturity/age needs to be taken into account. I applaud all writers for their efforts and hope that they will continue to write and hopefully learn and grow from the experience. Don't let negative reviews/rants stop you from writing as how else can you learn and develop as an author? Take the negatives with a grain of salt and see if you can use the negative to improve your writing. Afterall you at least are willing to brave the waters and put your story out into the world. Take heart and keep on trying.



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