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Hi! My name is Alana however on this i go by the name of Fitzy. Umm so a few things about me I live in Queensland, Australia, I'm not going to bother with age but I am in high school.

People would probably say that I talk alot, say sorry too much and am a bit weird to those who don't know me that well.

I do talk a fair bit, but I love to read and write, my favourite books are; firstly the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman (the most brilliant piece of work I've ever read, and please don't ever refer to Northern Lights as the Golden Compass that tends to annoy me. And please DONT ever say that the movie is good, those who know me would understand how aggravated I get by that; no offence to those who may like it), the Sally Lockhart Mysteries; again by Philip Pullman, in my opinion the best author that I've ever read of. As well as the Twilight Series ( I am anxiously waiting for Breaking Dawn to come out and also the movie) My other favourite thing is music, I listen to all sorts of genres except for Heavy Metal really and at the moment I LOVE Crowded house (Neil Finn is the greatest song writer ever!) Any sort of music that has such beautiful lyrics I am really into.

At the moment i have several ideas for Fanfiction stories, more than half I'd say are Sonfics so I'm holding off 'cause I want the first thing to be a story and also I'm mainly focusing on two stories at the moment that are on fictionpress my fictionpress site is http://www.fictionpress.com/u/601478/ however the one that I have on there 'Deception' I'm changing the writing 'cause I don't like it but it will follow the same story line. Thats all for now!

Oh and I will have a story up here eventually it's just that I'm writing like 2 completely different stories at the moment and they are both for fictionpress, I have a fair few in mind and they will be for HDM and Twilight.

'Since every failure is a lesson;
Every joy a triumph;
And every challenge an opportunity,
Its hard to go wrong'

Michael Addison Reed

A special mention to Eriko, Dani B, Rach L congrats u guys in a way you're officially mentioned on the internet! And Ellie and Nikki, you two are the main inspiration for my stories and I probably wouldn't have started writing. Thanks a heap,
Love Always

Alana xo

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