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I go by the name RebeccaBillings on DeviantArt. I would have placed a Link, but they don't seem to be working on Fanfiction anymore.

What I like about Fanfiction

What I like about fanfiction is it gives people the ability to write a story based on ‘What If’. Everyone has an original idea or a thought that something can be improved, or wouldn’t it be more exciting if this happened or this changed. Fanfiction gives people the ability to make changes or make something new in their favourite fandom.

What I don’t like about Fanfiction

I don’t think I have any dislikes about fanfiction. I mean, if I find something I dislike I can just read a different story or fandom.

What I like about Fanfiction authors

It has to be when they develop characters or give them a good background. A good character can make or break a story. I tend to really like OC’s or self inserts the most because of this.

What I dislike about fanfiction authors

Easy: script followers. I hate Authors who follow the script.
Those who add OC’s or self-inserts tend to be the guiltiest of this, however, a lot of other writers make this mistake when writing a story. They end up forgetting that when a little change happens the butterfly effect WILL happen. When authors follow the script of a story they have added their character too (or changed a fandoms character in some way).
What’s the point of adding something new if you aren’t going to change anything? I mean, people don’t even have to read a new chapter because they already have read/seen what happens themselves, Either in a book, comic game or movie. Another major thing I hate is automatic pairings, or guaranteed pregnancy. By this I mean changing a character that isn’t theirs so much that they may as well be an OC character, just so they will be a romantic interest for their own. Guaranteed pregnancy. Where it’s obvious a female character is nothing but a baby mama, or will be a baby mama. This is ok when there is a lot of character development. But when their character is pregnant straight away, or after a few chapters. It ruins the story completely. I tend to stay away from authors who do this, especially if authors do this in most of their work. Seriously not worth reading.

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