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3/26/10: Oh hey! Guess who is back in action after a very long year away?! Glad to be back, hopefully this time it will be for good! Maybe I can finally post a thing or two on here again...

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my profile page! Thanks for stopping by!! Here's a little bit of info about me:

Name: CES or Steph, whichever you prefer

Age: if you really have a dying need to know, then I'll tell you :-)

Birthday: June 29th- the best gift in the world would be a b-day fic hint, hint -hahaha!

Location: NH

I write basically as a hobby. Plus it's nice to work on my writing skills For me it is all in good fun, and a nice way to develop and play with characters I love. One day I will write something of my own- I hope! I generally post as I write something. I wish that I had dozens of notebooks full of stuff, but I don't. But, I think that's ok. I have a few ideas and plot bunnies running around, and I figure they will eventually flesh themselves out. Therefore I generally feel no pressure to finish something epic. I think this is why I have become such a fan of one-shots!


As far as reviews go, I do my best to do it often. If I review your story, you can guarantee that you have a fan in me for as long as you put out stories.

Also, if you read something of mine, I would love a review to know what you thought. Even if you hated it. How else am I supposed to get better.

I will also say that one of my pet peeves is people who get mad if they don't get enough reviews, or won't put the next chapter up until they get what they consider enough reviews. Drives me crazy and I make it a point NOT to review those stories. Don't be a jerk. You are obviously writing for the wrong reasons. Asking for them is one thing, demanding and going crazy over it is another

Stuff I'm working on now:

I have a couple one shots waiting to be typed and posted. Hopefully soon. I may even go crazy and post something in a new fandom! gasp

I actually didn't write all that much on my unexpected hiatus...

Regarding my HP story Leaving Childhood on the Train:

I want to apologize to my readers-if I have any left- I know I haven't updated my story in forever. I'm kinda not in love with it anymore. There are parts that I really, really love; but the majority of it I'm not overly impressed with. I'm debating taking it down and reworking it. Same basic story, just better! And maybe I'll even finish it. Who knows, I sure don't. Though I don't want to abandon it, so I will see what I can do. Hopefully inspiration hits me hard.

That is all for now. If you have any questions or want to know something about me, then ask away!! I think I'm pretty friendly and I'll probably tell you anything you want to know.

12/29/11: Also, I now have a Tumblr! There isn't really much on there besides some reblogged stuff, but that's mostly because I really have NO IDEA how Tumblr works. But I would love new friends! Especially the type who could help me figure the freaking thing out! If/when I do write something new I will post about it there, too.

http://blainesgelervention (.) tumblr (.) com (Obviously remove the spaces and parentheses)

Happy Writing!!

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